Suicide for half a roll of toilet paper

2月 1, 2021 佛山站鸡

Recently, the news that 63 year old dishwasher committed suicide after taking medicine for half a roll of toilet paper has aroused concern.
According to family reports, Ms. Kuai went to a hotel in Hefei a year ago to work as a dishwasher. On the day of the incident, after going to the toilet in the hotel’s staff toilet, she thought that the paper rationed in the dormitory had run out, so she put the remaining half roll of paper in her pocket and planned to take it back to the dormitory for use. But later, the hotel staff thought that she had stolen something. On January 28, Ms. Kuai committed suicide by taking medicine in the dormitory.
On January 29, Ms. Kuai’s daughter wrote on the Internet that her mother, 63 years old, came to a hotel in Hefei a year ago to work as a dishwasher with a monthly salary of 2400 yuan. She was diligent in her work and brought more than ten kilograms of peanuts to her colleagues.
But on January 27, after going to the toilet in the hotel’s staff toilet, Ms. Kuai thought that the paper supplied by the dormitory had run out, so she put the remaining half roll of paper in her pocket and planned to take it back to the dormitory. “Dormitories also issue toilet paper, but it’s not so timely, and it’s not convenient to go out in hotels, so employees often do this. “
According to Ms. Kuai’s daughter, then some people in the hotel asked fiercely if they had taken the hotel’s things. “She didn’t expect the other party to search, and directly wanted to search the jacket she had put aside in the morning. Then she remembered the roll of toilet paper and took it out. “
Ms. Kuai’s daughter said that her mother sincerely explained to the general manager, but Ms. Huang, the direct supervisor, found her and scolded her, saying that she had stolen things and had to report to the higher authorities to be dismissed. “My mother cried all night, thinking of innocence all her life. Finally, because she had no face to see people because of half a roll of toilet paper, she took medicine and committed suicide in the hotel dormitory the next day. “
On January 31, Ms. Kuai’s son-in-law, Mr. Wang, told reporters that Ms. Kuai is still receiving treatment in the hospital. At present, she is not very conscious and sleepy.
According to Mr. Wang, before killing herself, Ms. Kuai sent a message to her daughter saying that she was in a bad mood. After her family felt that things were not right, they went to the hotel. But before they got to the hotel, they were told that Ms. Kuai had been sent to the hospital.
Mr. Wang said that before taking the medicine, his mother-in-law mentioned to his wife that she was accused of stealing half a roll of toilet paper, but did not explain to the supervisor at that time. “They asked my mother-in-law and said,” did you take this? “My mother-in-law was a little nervous and said that I took this, so she admitted that she didn’t explain and said anything more. “
According to Mr. Wang, the director of the hotel said it was a theft, a fine and Ms. Kuai no longer had to go to work. “My mother-in-law called my wife and said, at that time, we comforted her, saying that since this has happened, we should pay for it and let it go. How can we know that she can’t take it seriously. “
Mr. Wang said, “the hotel may be to scare other people, because there are other people taking paper in the hotel, but the hotel should consider whether the elderly can bear it. “
What makes Mr. Wang and his family dissatisfied is that the hotel is not willing to bear the medical expenses at present. “Even if you make a mistake, you should do your duty when you have an accident in the hotel. Before we said anything, they said they would go through legal procedures. We didn’t say her behavior was good, but at least we should pacify the elderly and make them calm down. We don’t want to do anything about it, but at least we have to be sincere in dealing with it. We certainly don’t accept it now. “
On the 31st, the reporter contacted a manager surnamed Chen in the hotel. According to manager Chen, the hotel has communicated with the family members on the way to deal with it. I hope we don’t just listen to one side’s saying, “our group also has a legal department, and we will also reserve the opinions of the family members. “
Manager Chen said that the hotel has fulfilled its obligations and has done what it should do. “Our hotel has communicated with the family members clearly about how to solve the problem, and they can solve it through legitimate legal channels. If we solve the problem through proper channels, we will do what we can according to the law. We do not express any opinions on other aspects at present. “