Vice President killed by associate professor

2月 3, 2021 佛山站鸡

The murder of vice president of Yunnan University by associate professor of the same university has made new progress recently. The victim’s son Qin Shu updated the news topic of Tencent, saying that the case will be heard on February 5.
The forenoon of Zhaotong Public Security Bureau Zhaoyang branch bulletin showed that in the morning of July 28, 2020, in the residential district of Zhaoyang District, the suspect, a Bai Bo (male, 53 years old, a teacher of Zhaotong College), killed and Dutch act after killing Wu Moulan (a woman, 56 years old, a teacher of Zhaotong College) with a knife. The police promptly sent a control to Bo Bai and sent him to the hospital for treatment.
In an interview with Xiaoxiang Morning Post on February 1, Qin Shu, Wu’s son, said that after hearing the news, he immediately rushed home from Shanghai. In the evening, I went directly to the local funeral home and met my mother for the last time. There was still blood on the floor.
He said that after the death of their mother, they worried that the elderly in the family could not bear the blow and lied that their mother died suddenly. Even so, grandma was hospitalized many times. Now the appeal is to sentence the murderer to death.
“And he went to make sure he was dead.”
Victimized teachers
Qin Shu said that he saw the whole process from the monitoring. Fu Mou Bo had been guarding the neighborhood where her mother lived. When she appeared, she first sprinkled lime into her eyes and then killed her with a knife. “Later I went to see the scene, and there was lime on the ground.”
Because the incident happened suddenly, the community security was holding an early morning meeting at that time, not patrolling. “(my mother) died on the spot. There was no way to save him. He stabbed a lot of people and made sure he was dead at the end.”
According to a death certificate issued by Zhaoyang District Public Security judicial identification center of Zhaotong City, through autopsy and anatomical examination, stab wounds could be seen in many parts of Wu’s body. Combined with the scene investigation, the cause of death of Wu was initially determined to be multiple stab wounds in the neck, front chest, back, etc., causing rupture of heart, aorta, lung and liver, and acute hemorrhagic shock.
Qin Shu said that after the attack, Fu also took the key to his mother’s home. “My father was at home. At that time, he should have just had breakfast, maybe he was reading a book or something. The killer also knocked on the door, and then my father saw this man in the cat’s eye, and he didn’t open the door. He knew this man was definitely not here to do good
Later, the security guard arrived and subdued him. He knew that he could not escape and killed himself with a knife. Later, he was taken away by the police who arrived in time.
So far, Qin Shu’s father escaped.
The suspect was reported having an affair with a female student
Qin Shu said that Fu’s reputation at school is not good.
According to media reports, on May 19, 2016, Associate Professor Fu moubo of Yunnan Zhaotong University was reported anonymously.
The informant posted a number of photos as evidence, pointing out that he had an ambiguous relationship with female students, assaulted students, leaked test questions and changed students’ grades privately.
Yunnan Zhaotong University responded overnight that it had investigated the teacher’s suspension and set up an investigation team for in-depth verification.
Fu denied the accusation of “maintaining an improper relationship with students” in an interview. He said that as a head teacher, he took the students in the foreman on a spring outing. On the way, some girls “came to kiss me on their own initiative” and “it’s impossible to have a bed photo”.
On July 13, 2018, Zhaotong University published the investigation results:
The suspension investigation against a cypress was lifted, and the behavior in the network photos and the existence of leaking examination questions without causing serious consequences were criticized and educated. “The loss caused by improper treatment of a cypress by the school shall be dealt with by the relevant functional departments according to law.”
It may have something to do with wanting to be a full professor
Qin Shu’s impression, Fu Mou Bo in the school has done a lot of bad things, and some teachers have a grudge. “It’s not that there is a grudge between the two sides. It’s that he thinks he has a grudge against these people. He has a list that he thinks he wants to kill.”
The school teacher told him that his father was on Fu’s list, but his mother didn’t.
Before the crime, a teacher on the list also reminded Qin Shu’s father to be careful. “Someone reminded the teacher that when he saw the murderer wandering around his neighborhood and asked him to be careful, he came to ask my father to be careful, but he didn’t expect that he would attack my mother.”
Qin Shu guessed that Fu’s holiday with his mother was probably related to the rating.
Before the crime, Fu was an associate professor and wanted to comment on Professor Zheng. As early as 2004, when Qin Shu’s father worked with Fu Mou Bo, Fu Mou Bo asked Qin Shu’s father to give him a false on-the-job certificate. Qin Shu’s father refused him, so he was beaten by Fu Mou Bo.
“This time, he may think that because he beat my father many years ago, my mother didn’t let him. But in fact, he does not have the qualification to evaluate senior professional titles at all. People who have not been on duty for a long time do not have the qualification to evaluate. The public opinion surveys conducted by everyone in the whole hospital do not allow him to pass. “
School authorities posthumously awarded the dead as “model teachers”
Obituary issued by Zhaotong College
Wu Yilan, an associate professor of Zhaotong University, was born in October 1964 and worked in the Department of mathematics and physics of Zhaotong University of education in August 1985.
On the evening of July 31, 2020, the official website of Zhaotong college in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province announced that Wu Yilan, a teacher of the College of physics and information engineering, was posthumously awarded as the “model teacher” of Zhaotong college. Wu was attacked by gangsters on his way to work on the morning of July 28 and died on duty at the age of 56, the source said.
According to the advanced deeds of Comrade Wu Yilan, the “model teacher” of Zhaotong college, published on the official website of the college, Wu Yilan has been a teacher for 35 years. Since 1985, he has worked in Zhaotong college and won many honors. In 1993, he published the paper “two interesting resonance experiments” and was included in the Excellent Theses of physics in Yunnan Normal School in 1994. In 1995, he was a youth teacher in Yunnan Normal School from 1993 to 1995 In the “four one competition” activity, he won the excellent award of teaching plan in physics discipline; in 1997, he was rated as an advanced individual because of his outstanding achievements in the “three communication” academic training for middle school teachers; in 1995, 2000 and 2008, he was rated as excellent, and the rest were qualified.
Before being killed, Wu led the team instructor of qinggangling township to inspect the student work on July 25. “She also led the tutors of qinggangling village team to inspect the student work, guide the students how to carry out the work and improve the work efficiency, and care about the life and physical condition of the investigation service team.”
Qin Shu said that on the day of the funeral, “when I was walking through the long funeral road full of wreaths with my mother’s portrait in the sun, countless elegiac couplets and words on the wreaths came to my eyes in turn. I can feel the warmth and strength of justice. “