What are the customs of Xiaonian

2月 4, 2021 佛山站鸡

“Farewell to the old and welcome the new”
Today is the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month
Many local people call this day Xiaonian
On this day
People began to prepare new year’s goods and clean up
Rehearse for the coming Spring Festival
Actually, which day is Xiaonian
There are different concepts and dates around
In the north of China
Lunar New Year is December 23
In some southern areas, it is December 24
In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas, the 24th of December and the
The night before New Year’s Eve is called Xiaonian
“Twenty three sweet melons are sticky; twenty four house sweeps
Twenty five ground tofu; twenty six stewed pork
Twenty seven cocks are slaughtered; twenty eight pieces of flour are made
29 steamed bread; 30 night boil a night
On the new year’s Day
As a prelude to the Spring Festival
The customs of Xiaonian are rich and interesting
Come to unlock the correct way to open Xiaonian!
Offering sacrifices to the kitchen god
It is said that the 23rd and 24th of December every year
The kitchen god specially reports the good and evil in the world
Go back on New Year’s Eve
As a result, people have the habit of offering sacrifices to the kitchen in the new year
People will put some sugar melons and kitchen sweets in front of the kitchen King statue
Let the kitchen god say more good things in front of the Jade Emperor
Pray for peace and prosperity in the coming year
general cleaning
Sweeping the dust is sweeping the year
Northern people call it “house sweeping”
Southern people call it “dusting”
Every household will carefully clean the house and remove dust
Welcome the new year
The homonym of “Chen” and “Chen”
So sweeping away the dust means sweeping away the old things
This refers to the old scale in the courtyard
It also refers to the unhappiness in the old year
Cut the window
In all the activities of preparing for the Chinese New Year
Clipping is the most popular
The content of window decoration can be magpie climbing plum, swallow wearing peach willow
In the year of Lian (Lian), there are fish (Yu), he he Er Xian, etc
There are also various dramatic stories
Eat dumplings
It is customary to eat dumplings in the evening of the northern spring festival
It means to see the kitchen god off
Take the meaning “see off dumplings facing the wind”
Whether it’s family
Or alone
Remember to eat hot dumplings all night
That’s how it feels
Eat sugar melon
Sugar melon, malt sugar, sesame sugar, etc
This is food for the kitchen god
Gradually evolved into a child must eat snacks
In Northwest Shanxi Province, there are “Twenty three people eating sesame candy”
It’s a common saying that you can’t eat sesame candy and chew your fingers
it is said that
“If you have money, you can shave your head for the new year”
In the meantime, people have to take a bath and have a haircut
Welcome the new year with fresh clothes
It also means “farewell to the old and welcome the new”
Start a new journey in the new year
Welcome to spring
Xiaonian reposes Chinese people
Farewell to the old and welcome the new
What are the customs in your hometown?