Vice Mayor buying a house abroad

2月 5, 2021 佛山站鸡

It is regarded as “the touchstone of loyalty to the party”. Recently, it’s time for centralized annual reporting.
Where is the “red line”? The supervision commission of Wuxi Discipline Inspection Commission in Jiangsu Province today (February 4) exposed eight typical problems investigated and dealt with in recent years, which can be seen from them.
Among the eight typical cases, some conceal the real estate invested by themselves and held by others, some conceal the real estate from other places or overseas, and some use the “shadow company” to seek profits from corruption.
Among them, Fei Ping, former member of the Standing Committee and executive vice mayor of Jiangyin municipal Party committee, and Yuan Guozhen, former Secretary of the Party committee of Wuxi mental health center, attracted much attention.
Born in January 1965 in Jiangyin, Fei Ping has never left his hometown for an official career. He once served as mayor and Secretary of the town Party committee. He was promoted to vice mayor in 2007. He has been a member of the Standing Committee and executive vice mayor of the municipal Party Committee since July 2016. He was dismissed in mid December last year.
According to the official circular, Feiping has successively bought a house in Los Angeles and Nanjing of the United States at a cost of 836000 US dollars and 9610000 RMB yuan respectively; he has successively invested in a brand franchise store, a company in Shanghai and a company in Jiangsu at a cost of 10 million RMB yuan, 9.8 million RMB yuan and 2 million RMB yuan respectively. The above situation was not truthfully reported to the organization.
As for yuan Guozhen, some of his problems are also related to foreign countries. According to the circular, their family went through the procedures of investment immigration to the United States as early as June 2008 and obtained the right of permanent residence five years later, but no report was made.
According to the resume, Yuan Guozhen, born in August 1960 in Wuxi, has successively served as the president and Secretary of the Party committee of Wuxi mental health center since December 2002, until he was removed in May 2018. Among them, in August 2004, it was clearly designated as the department level, and it was dropped in January last year.
According to the shuangkai circular, in addition to illegally obtaining the right of permanent residence abroad, Yuan Guozhen colluded with others to engage in power sex trading, and illegally set up a “small treasury”, destroyed financial books and illegally received property.
It is the political discipline and organizational discipline that leading cadres must abide by to truthfully report relevant personal matters to the party organization, and it is an important sign to test whether leading cadres are loyal and honest to the party organization.
Moreover, if leading cadres do not report truthfully, they will not get timely supervision and management from the party organization, and they will not get reminders and exhortations from the party organization. Once they make a big mistake, it will be too late to repent.
Recently, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection warned that the special film “Zhengfeng anti-corruption is around us” specifically disclosed the “Secretary Yan incident”.
The investigation team found that over the years, Yan Chunfeng, deputy secretary of the Guang’an municipal Party committee of Sichuan Province, in order to conceal the facts of violation of discipline and law, has put a number of real estate under other people’s names and falsified personal reports.
For example, after he remarried and gave birth to a daughter with his second wife Li Xiangyang, he divorced because of his broken relationship. However, he filled in “no change” to his marriage and childbearing situation for many years, concealing this marriage history, so as not to affect his official career promotion.
As for their final results, as we all know, they are not far behind.