AI family Awards

2月 6, 2021 佛山站鸡

“Twenty three, tanggua is sticky. 24、 Sweep the house… ” With the approach of the Spring Festival, the streets and alleys begin to be decorated, and the flavor of the new year is getting stronger. However, for the sake of epidemic prevention and control, many localities and institutions in China advocate “Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot”, and have launched various warm-hearted measures, trying to make “Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot” more meaningful and humane.
Recently, official account family of 360 search has launched a H5 Mini program that can be used to make Q family portrait with AI technology on its official micro-blog and WeChat public address. Q version is a family portrait making artifact. After entering the H5 home page, users can click the “make Q version family photo” button at the bottom of the screen, and then freely choose the template they like. Template types include new year’s Eve family photo, ballet family photo, village family photo, new year’s Eve dinner family photo, big Yangko family photo, etc., or humorous or warm or full of new year flavor, there is always one for you.
After selecting the family photo template, users can invite their family members to upload their head photos together, and then click the “preview family photo” button at the bottom of the interface to preview. If you are satisfied with the Q version of the family photo, users can not only save it to the mobile phone photo album, but also download the Zizai app to publish the family photo to win the prize.
It is understood that Zizai app has prepared many prizes for users, such as Jingdong 2000 yuan Beijing Pin card for mother and baby (the first prize), Lego smart steam train + 360 children’s watch 8xs (2-3 prizes), caterpillar reader (4-6 prizes), and newkey children’s magnetic film 261 Kit (7-10 prizes). Users participating in the event can invite their relatives and friends to like from February 4 to February 19, and the final ranking will be based on the number of like content.
In fact, since the start of the Spring Festival, 360 has taken various measures to try to spare no effort to help everyone have a happy, reassuring and warm year. For example, on the first day of the Spring Festival, 360 launched the “epidemic prevention special page”, covering travel policy, vaccine progress, focus dynamics, rumor identification, fever clinic, epidemic map, free consultation, migration map, etc., which can fully meet the public’s demand for all kinds of epidemic information, so as to help people properly arrange their itinerary.
Going home to celebrate the new year can bring warmth and joy, but celebrating the new year on the spot can lighten the burden of hometown and bring warmth to the country, which is the concentrated embodiment of patriotism. With the help of the artifact made by 360 Q version of the family photo, even if the family members are thousands of miles apart, another kind of reunion can be realized through the Q version of the family photo. Perhaps, such reunion and new year’s taste can make this new year more meaningful and unforgettable.