3 donkey friend Guifeng mountain lost

9月 29, 2019 佛山站鸡

Three donkey friends lost their way in the rainy day in the Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area of Jiangmen recently in search of excitement, according to a police briefing entitled “Life and Death Rescue!” issued by Weixin Public Security of Jiangmen Public Security Bureau in the afternoon of September 9. After receiving the news, Jiangmen Public Security staged a thrilling life and death rescue.
The above-mentioned briefing shows that at about 16:00 on September 1, the new branch of Jiangmen Public Security Bureau received an alarm from the owner that the three of them and their friends went up for a trip at about 10:00 a.m. on the same day, but when they went down, they suddenly encountered heavy rain and fog in the forest, which immediately lost their direction.
After receiving the report, Xinhui Branch immediately organized personnel to go to rescue. According to the description of the scene environment by the owner of the report, the police preliminarily estimated that the three of them were in the undeveloped forest area of Yunfeng Mountain in Guifeng, and the only way to reach the area was to go up along the drainage ditch. Because the area had not been developed, shrubs were reborn everywhere. After the rainstorm, the fog in the forest increased and reached out. Without five fingers, the visibility in the forest is very low, and the soil becomes wet and slippery because of rainwater irrigation, which greatly increases the difficulty of rescue operations.
Concerned about the water shortage of the three people on the mountain, the rescue police also carried clean water on their backs and went up the muddy ground to look for three people. On the one hand, through mobile phones, the police keep in touch with the three people on the mountain, and comfort the three people on the mountain, calm their inner panic, guide them to find the drainage ditch, along the drainage ditch slowly down. On the other hand, the police cut through the branches and shrubs on the way with a mountain knife, while walking along the road, making it difficult to move towards the dense forest center.
After more than two hours, the police finally found the three people trapped. At last the police breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the three men were safe and sound. Three trapped people could hardly hide their excitement and thanked the police one after another.
Farewell, the police again told the three people not to enter the undeveloped mountain forest privately. Private access to the mountains is liable to danger. Nothing is more important than their own safety. The three people said they would not take any more risks. They thanked the police again for their help.


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