Human infection with h5n8 avian influenza

2月 21, 2021 佛山站鸡

According to the Russian satellite network, Anna popova, director of the Russian Federal Bureau of consumer protection and public welfare supervision, said that researchers from Russia’s “vector” Science Center found the first laboratory confirmed human case of h5n8 avian influenza in China.
“Today, I would like to disclose an important scientific discovery made by the researchers of the vector Science Center under the Russian consumer protection and public welfare Supervision Bureau: the first laboratory confirmed case of human infection with h5n8 avian influenza in Russia,” she said on the “Russia 24” TV program
Researchers isolated the genetic material of the flu from the samples of seven employees of a poultry farm in southern Russia. The farm broke out in December 2020, and then quickly took various epidemic prevention measures, and the epidemic was under control.
“All seven people I talked about were in good condition with mild clinical symptoms,” popova said
Russia’s “vector” National Center for Virology and biotechnology, director of science rinat makxiutov said on the 20th that today it is possible to start research and development of detection system and human candidate vaccine to deal with h5n8 avian influenza virus.
“The rapid deciphering of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus has enabled us to start developing a detection system today, so as to detect the infected people in time and treat the patients,” makxiutov said during the live broadcast of channel 1 in Russia. At the same time, it can also start the research and development of candidate vaccines. “