Killed in the window

2月 22, 2021 佛山站鸡

Today, the microblog account “Sanxiang insider”_ According to the microblog of Hunan local communication, a 23-year-old Che Shasha from Changsha, Hunan Province, jumped out of the window from huolala’s co driver at 9 p.m. on February 6, 2021 and died after rescue.
The netizen claimed to be the brother of the party. At present, the driver has been controlled by the police. However, 15 days have passed since the day of the incident. Another key party involved in the incident has repeatedly shirked responsibility and has not given a solution so far.
Netizen “tonight’s style outside noise” described the process of the incident, accusing huolala. At the same time, “tonight’s style outside noise” revealed the medical records of the hospital.
He wrote that at 9:17 p.m. on February 6, cheshasha got into the driver’s car. At 9:30 p.m., when the car arrived at Quyuan Road, the driver of huolala dialed 120 and 110, saying that cheshasha had jumped out of the window on Quyuan road in Yuelu District because of the three times of yaw of the van. When 120 arrived at the scene, cheshasha had fallen unconscious in a pool of blood and was rushed to Yuelu District aerospace hospital for rescue.
“Tonight’s style is noisy outside” said, “in the past two days, we contacted huolala many times, but the other party did not respond. Until the evening of the 8th, general manager Liu of huolala’s public relations department contacted us and said that we would come to the hospital to see you at noon on the 9th, but we waited in the hospital all day on the 9th, but we couldn’t wait for the figure of general manager Liu.”
On February 10, cheshasha left the world.
The staff of huolala said that there was no audio and video recording equipment in the car, nor was there any audio and video recording function in huolala app, and that the platform was not responsible for cheshasha’s death.
It is worth noting that “tonight’s style outside the noise” wrote that the driver of huolala had deviated three times, so cheshasha chose to jump the window.
This evening, Huo Lala responded that after learning of the incident from the police on February 8, Huo Lala immediately set up a special handling team. After the end of the holiday on February 18, the special group immediately started its work, contacted Ms. Che’s family for many times to express their willingness to actively deal with the aftermath, and received a response from her family on February 20. At present, huolala is negotiating with her family about the time for the aftermath.
In addition, Huo Lala also said that the investigation of the incident by Changsha police is still ongoing and no qualitative conclusion has yet been formed. Huo Lala will continue to fully cooperate with the police and will not evade the responsibility of the platform in the incident.
Many netizens in the goods Lala micro blog questioned: why to avoid the main road? Why yaw? Why take the remote path, go farther and farther.
Why is there no voice monitoring in the car?
Netizens think that even if they find that they are wrong, they will not jump out of the window immediately in a hurry, so they ask huolala to explain the whole story.