Putin talks about environmental girls

10月 3, 2019 佛山站鸡

“Death gaze”, “roar” United Nations venue… Sandberg, a Swedish environmental
However, there have been many criticisms of her. Recently, according to foreign media, he criticized the 16 year old girl at the energy week forum in Moscow.
“No one explained to her that the modern world is complex and different. What do people in Africa and many Asian countries want to live in the same level of wealth as Sweden?”
At the same time, he thought that she was an ignorant youth exploited by adults. She is actually a kind girl.
Many netizens praised Putin: he is honest and tolerant and kind to young people.
Earlier reports
A 16 year old Swedish girl crosses a sailing boat and will attend the UN climate summit in September.
Sandberg, 16, campaigned in Sweden last year, calling for measures to address climate change as soon as possible. She promised not to travel by air to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Her boat was operated by a professional sailing sailor funded by the royalty. Sandberg’s father will accompany the film and plan to make a documentary. The proceeds from the issue will be used to finance the voyage.
Greta Sandberg, a Swedish girl, set off on the 14 day at the port of Plymouth, England, and sails across the Atlantic in a racing boat with zero emissions of greenhouse gases. She plans to arrive in the United States in September to attend the UN climate summit there.
Sandberg’s sailing ships are equipped with solar panels and turbine generators, which do not need fossil fuels and do not emit greenhouse gases. The sailboat is 18 metres long and equipped with hydrofoils. It can sail at a speed of 70 kilometres per hour. Living conditions on board were poor, there were no toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Sandberg said that urine and urine can be solved by barrels. As for how to “eat”, the British Times quoted 15 words as saying: “we will boil water and pour it into freeze-dried bagged food and eat it again.”


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