National Football Players in the Philippines

10月 13, 2019 佛山站鸡

On October 12th, Beijing time, the national football team will welcome the last day of this training in Guangzhou. On the 13th, they will travel to the Philippines to usher in the fourth round of the 40th round. The game against the Philippines is of great significance to the Chinese team. The team must defeat the opponent to ensure the team’s first result. Because this round, the Syrian opponent is Guam, basically it is the rhythm of 3 points. , it’s finished!

This group’s right to compete for the qualifying, without suspense belongs to Syria and the Chinese team, the two teams compete for the first group, the former team in the competition for the seed team, the Chinese team will start a confrontation with Syria, the national football invited to the Philippines, Tajikistan Stan came to the contest and eventually got the 8th place in Asia to become the seed team. I never thought that the group draws, and directly with the same group in Syria and the Philippines, it is a curse that can’t be smashed!

The national football game against the Philippines is the beginning of the national football devil schedule. After the match against the Philippines on October 15, the national football team will rest for one month and assemble against Syria in November. This will be the first direct competition of the group, so this round is against In the Philippines, the national football team can’t afford to lose. It is a game that must defeat the Philippines and win big!

In the match against the Philippines, the national football team can win big expectations. In the first round of the group match, the Philippines lost 2-5 at home to the Syrian team. If you refer to this score, the national football team needs to score 5 goals in the Philippines. Can you prove that you are not inferior to Syria, can the national football do it? This makes people look forward to, at least in the history of the two teams 8 encounters, the national football victory!

At present, the Chinese team has had 8 encounters with the Philippine team. The result is a total of 8 wins. The team scored 50 goals. In 1978, they defeated the opponent 3-0 for the first time. Then they were 9-0 and 10-0 respectively in 7 encounters. 7-0, 8-0, 8-1, 3-0, 2-0, it can be seen that the Chinese team scored 6 goals per game. This time, the national football team can score 6 goals, which makes people look forward to !

Of course, we must admit that the strength of the Philippines is improving. From scoring against the Chinese team to scoring a goal, losing 5+ balls from the previous single game, and now only losing 2~3 balls, this reflects The strength of the Philippines is improving. The national football team is fighting in the Philippines. It does not seek more goals. It is only necessary to continue the victory record!


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