Pu Shu was exposed to divorce

10月 15, 2019 佛山站鸡

Park Shu gradually made changes, and finally saved the marriage. When Shu Shu mentioned the divorce storm in the program, he couldn’t help but cry, and thanked Wu Xiaomin for having endured his bad temper: “Thank you, willing to marry.” I am a ‘slag man’.”

The relationship between Park Shu and Wu Xiaomin has always been Wu Xiaomin’s initiative, and Park Shu passively accepts the wife’s love. When the two married, they did not even hold a wedding. Wu Xiaomin did not go through the wedding dress. Park Shu learned to cherish when he was about to lose. After the divorce storm, Park Shu learned to pay and no longer passively accepted the love of his wife Wu Xiaomin. Unexpectedly, it was suddenly revealed that the divorce was unexpected. Before the release of the manuscript, Park Shufang had not responded to the news.


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