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10月 17, 2019 佛山站鸡

The whole army of “hero League” will attack and reach MoBa mobile battle field in 2020.
On October 16, at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the hero League (LOL), fist companies officially announced the mobile game version of hero League and opened an appointment on Tencent games. According to reports, “hero League” mobile game keeps the classic branch of end game, with a single game estimated at 15-18 minutes, and the operation is changed from mouse key operation to double turntable operation. According to foreign media reports, it will land on IOS and Android in 2020.
The news of “hero League” developing mobile games has been circulated from the inside of the fist companies since May this year. So the official release of the mobile game version is expected, but it is also exciting enough, especially for the old players of the hero League end game. Zaker news found that the official microblog of the hero League mobile game was registered on the 16th, and as of the press release, it had more than 300000 fans.
According to the data of taptap, a mobile game sharing community, more than 1.16 million people have made an appointment for the mobile game of the League of heroes, and more than 17000 people have participated in the evaluation. Currently, the League of heroes mobile game scores 9.8 points on taptap. Zaker news browsing evaluation found that the old players of “hero League” end game expressed “happy from the heart” to the arrival of mobile games, said that they would download mobile games in case, and triggered a wave of “memory killing”.
However, players have different opinions on whether to take the “hero League” mobile game as the main game. Some players have a clear flag that they will “enter the pit”. However, some players said that it was too late for “hero League” to enter the game, and “King’s glory” has been online for four years, and it has become the king of MoBa mobile game. It’s very difficult for players to spend money to buy hero skin and ask them to give up and re invest money and energy in “hero League” mobile game.
In addition, the “hero League” mobile game can’t synchronize the existing heroes and skin of the computer account for the time being. This makes end game players express dissatisfaction. Some people say that fist companies may develop hand games to “sell feelings for another wave of money and tap the remaining value of lol”.
For the mobile game market, the emergence of “hero League” mobile game is undoubtedly a heavy bomb. The producer of independent game documentary “solo” told zaker news that the popularity of lol has always been very high. With its IP and R & D capabilities, although it is late to enter the mobile game market, it will not affect the enthusiasm of players. More importantly, if the “hero League” mobile game has a good reputation after its release, it will bring a new MoBa mobile game boom.
For fist companies, the layout of hand games may be the next big game. As mobile games become more popular, League of heroes revenue fell $1.4 billion last year, down 21% year on year. After ten years of development, the League of heroes is not only a computer game, but also a big IP. So on the 10th anniversary of the League of heroes, fist companies also released the strategy card game “Legends of runeterra” based on the League of heroes IP. As the fist company official said, the release of mobile games is of great significance to its global ecological layout. As for Tencent game, which has acquired a leading company, the hero League mobile game may be able to make up for its shortcomings in the overseas MoBa game market, which is invincible in China, such as glory of the king, and its expression in the international version is not satisfactory.


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