Liao Weihua gold medal

10月 19, 2019 佛山站鸡

On October 19, Beijing time, Liao Weihua, a Chinese athlete, won the gold medal with a total score of 3500 points in the five low altitude triangle navigation competitions of the air force of Wuhan world military games. This is the second gold medal of the Chinese delegation! Congratulations to Liao Weihua and the Chinese team! ​​​​
Amazing! Liao Weihua added another gold medal, held up the five-star red flag and cried out “come
Liao Weihua gold medal
The air force Pentathlon (flight) competition of the 7th World Armyman’s Games was held in the field of the air force Wuhan airport flight project. Liao Weihua of the Chinese team won the championship with 3500 points. This is the second gold medal won by the Chinese delegation in the 7th world military games, and the first single champion produced by the five military characteristic items in the games.
As one of the most military events in the military games, the five events of the air force consist of two parts: flying and sports. Flying refers to low altitude triangle navigation. Sports include shooting, swimming, fencing, basketball, obstacle running and orienteering. Five of the best results are selected as the evaluation criteria. Air force pentathlon requires participating athletes to be active air force officers or cadets.
Nine countries, including China, Finland and Sweden, participated in the program, which was the first time that the five events team of China’s August 1 air force appeared in the military games after its establishment in 2015.
In this event, Brazilian Brito Frederick (left) won the second place and Finnish bensalo Miko won the third.

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