LV suitcase with chicken feed

10月 30, 2019 佛山站鸡

There is news in Russia today that the old suitcase of Louis Vuitton, a French luxury brand with more than 130 years of history, is likely to belong to the Russian royal family. It has now become an exhibit of the Expo, but it was once a The use of Ukrainian farmers to store corn for feeding chickens may sound unbelievable.

The couple said that they didn’t know that it was worth so much. In their impression, this was just an ordinary suitcase. If they knew that it was not an ordinary suitcase, they would definitely supply it, but they did not. I know that they don’t know that they have a valuable historical treasure.

This situation has actually been maintained for decades, knowing that a relative of the couple knows a little about the brand of luxury goods, so that they can wake up from it. It is worth mentioning that the pressure mountain couple did not try to sell the suitcase, but gave it to a museum to keep it, so they are also a couple of justice.

The museum’s curator tested the authenticity of the suitcase, which may have been produced in the 1880s, when it sold for as much as $11,000. At present, the suitcase has cost more than $100,000. The price is sold, considering that there may be an exciting history behind this item, in fact, the price will be higher.

This suitcase may have come out of a Russian Imperial train that was derailed. It may also be a spoils brought home by Soviet soldiers. It was obtained from the German Nazis in Europe during World War II. It may also belong to a rich Russian empire. Citizens are lost in some way during their trip. In any case, the Alexanders have now replaced it with a stainless steel cauldron, which can do the same, so their chickens have nothing to worry about. .

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