The British Parliament is officially dissolved

11月 6, 2019 佛山站鸡

The parliament officially dissolved in the early hours of the 6th local time, marking the beginning of the election campaign in December.
According to British law, the parliament automatically dissolves 25 working days before the election. According to the historical tradition, British Prime Minister Boris John
After the dissolution of Parliament, all seats in the lower house of Parliament will be automatically vacant, but all cabinet ministers, including the prime minister, will remain in their current positions until the formation of a new cabinet.
The last general election in the UK was held in 2017. In the past hundred years, there has been no precedent for Britain to hold a general election on Christmas day in December, but the Johnson administration has to make an exception in order to fulfill the promise of “brexit” as soon as possible.
Polls show that the ruling conservative party is ahead of the opposition Labor Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.
The deadlock of brexit has lasted for more than three years. According to the public opinion, this election will become the “second referendum” in the practical sense, and voters will make a choice between the parties supporting “brexit” and “staying in Europe”.

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