China transferred to Thailand to buy a house

11月 14, 2019 佛山站鸡

China transferred to Thailand to buy a house
It’s either stupid or bad to persuade you to go to Thailand to fry houses
Why are all the people who go to Thailand to speculate? Because it’s never a simple thing to go overseas to speculate. There’s a lot of information asymmetry in it.
For example, some people say that Thailand’s real estate is a permanent property right, which is really a lie to tie Han. Thailand has made it clear that foreigners can’t buy houses with land, only apartments, and the proportion of foreigners in each apartment can’t exceed 50%.
In addition, the high rent is only the superficial rent, in fact, the real rent to your hands is not so much.
In terms of taxes, Thailand’s real estate transaction tax for new houses is 1%, and the maintenance fund is 100 yuan per square meter;
According to the law, Thailand’s apartments can’t be rented directly on the Internet. They need to pass the intermediary, and the agency fee will be cut first;
Property fee. In fact, Thailand’s property fee is really very expensive. At present, the property management fee of Bangkok’s new building is 9-16 yuan per square meter and 50 square meters of apartments. The property fee is nearly 10000 yuan in one year. The most important thing is that once the property company goes wrong or goes out of business, the apartment you invested in is really finished.
So in a comprehensive calculation, the rental sales ratio is not so high, in fact, it is only 3.5% – 4.8%.
What about the liquidity of houses? Sorry, the liquidity of second-hand houses in Thailand is not as high as you think.
First of all, local people in Thailand are not keen on buying houses, and the per capita income in Thailand is not high. For example, the average monthly income of every family in Bangkok is 41002 baht, equivalent to 8000 yuan. At the current average price of about 60000 apartments, Thais don’t need to buy them. It’s better to buy land directly.
The second-hand housing liquidity, the main buyer is foreigners. At present, there are mainly Indian, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian and Chinese people who speculate in Thailand.
This is a game of drumming and passing flowers. The first batch came from Japan and Taiwan, then from Russia. After the Russians were imprisoned, the first batch of Chinese buyers became the PLA, and then the first batch fooled the second batch to buy.
2012-2016 is a period of soaring house prices in Thailand. By 2017, there are signs of slowing down and polarization.
And now the supply of Thailand’s new apartment market is increasing every year, the market is not so strong. The demand for ordinary middle and low-end housing has slowed down significantly, such as around 40000 yuan per square meter in sukunyi district around Bangkok. Since last year, house prices have turned around.
People who specialize in overseas real estate say that how much price reduction is needed for a second-hand house in Thailand to attract the attention of buyers? The general view in the market is 25% – 40%.
So now, when the big V and the media begin to advocate Thailand’s real estate speculation, they just want to say that the third group of people who have been imprisoned are in a hurry to make a move. After all, the water in this market is not “deep” but “deep”, and most of them are Chinese people who cheat Chinese people!

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