US Open Top Eight Men’s Singles

9月 4, 2019 佛山站鸡

On the morning of Beijing Time, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, with Nadal defeating Silich 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, the top eight men’s singles have been produced. The first half is Wallingka vs. Medvedev, Federer vs. Dmitrov, and the second half is Beretini vs. Mengfels and Schwarzmann vs. Nadal.
Valinka vs. Medvedev
This will be a focus battle.
Previously, the two played only once in the first round of Wimbledon in 2017, when Medvedev won 3-1, and then Wallinkain withdrew from the rest of the year with a knee injury.
The current US Open is both outstanding, especially Medvedev, who entered the final three consecutive stops before the US Open and won the first Masters Championship in Cincinnati. Nowadays, with the “unreliable younger generation” such as Sisypas and Zvelev always “gloomy”, the 23-year-old Russian youngster, who looks older than his real age, is being placed higher expectations in the tennis world.
The result of the game is unpredictable. The old saying is “who plays better on the spot, who wins”.
Federer vs. Dimitrov
Now Dimi’s world ranking has dropped to 78th, but it’s somewhat surprising that for a long time he didn’t show any signs of being in the top eight of the US Open in a low-key way. It was his first career in the top eight of the US Open and the only non-seeded player in the top eight.
Dimi had seven previous games against Federer, not only defeated in the seven wars, but also won only two of them. Federer’s chances of winning the second battle should be small, but in the “cold door” of the U.S. Open, it is difficult to say at the last minute.
Schwarzmann vs. Nadal
You have to say that the signing of Nadal in the US Open is really very good. He has not met any threatening opponents since the start of the tournament. Even against a former US Open champion like Siritch, he has maintained an overwhelming advantage. Even the retired Deyo admitted, “Yes, Rafa played very well,” Deyo said in an interview with foreign media.
Argentine Schwarzman eliminated Zvelev before entering the game against Nadal. Zwerev’s win in the first set ruined the game, and he even made 17-level double errors in the whole match.
Schwarzman is known as the “short-footed tiger in tennis” with a height of only 1.70 meters, which is very rare in professional tennis, but his characteristic is that his foot is very fast and his dribble is very fast. This is Schwarzman’s second time in the top eight of the US Open and will be Nadal’s strongest opponent since the start of the tournament, but under normal circumstances he can not threaten Nadal.
Berettini vs. Memphis
Berettini is currently ranked 25th in the world. After beating Lublev, he became the first Italian player to reach the top eight in the US Open in 42 years.
Memphis belongs to the kind of uncertain players, known as “Meng Shao Xia”. He has a very high physical quality, how happy and how to play. He has been playing professional tennis for 15 years, and his love with Svetorina on social media seems to attract more attention.
Although Meng Shaoxian prefers his experience in Grand Slam events, in fact, the confrontation between the two little seeds will not have any impact on the situation behind the US Open.
Now, the U.S. Open has reached its climax. After Nadal’s victory in the quarter-finals, some fans have been looking forward to the 41st Final. More fans predict that Nadal’s 19th Grand Slam is basically right.


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