The best team in Chinese women’s Volleyball

12月 28, 2019 佛山站鸡

Today, the latest poster of “Chinese women’s Volleyball” was released. This time, all the girls of the women’s volleyball team appeared. It’s really amazing. I have to say that this is the most powerful Chinese women’s volleyball team.
Zhu Ting, this time Zhu Ting participated in “Chinese women’s Volleyball”, and it’s amazing that Zhu Ting played in this time is Zhu Ting himself. Lang Ping’s guidance gave Zhu ting a very high evaluation, and even joked that she was “international”.
Hui Ruoqi, who led the girls of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to “join the war”, can be said to re show the heroism of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. As the former captain of Chinese women’s volleyball team, Hui Ruoqi has different responsibilities and missions.
Zhang Changning is a girl with beautiful appearance and strong heart. This time, they will recreate the highlight on the court, and people all over the country and even the world will share the highlights with them.
Ding Xia. This time, the lineup of Chinese women’s volleyball team is extremely strong. There are not only tiantuan composed of Chinese women’s volleyball girls, but also Gongli, Huang Bo, Peng Yuchang and so on.
Liu Xiao Tong
Lin Li, they are indispensable members of the Chinese women’s volleyball team
Yao di
Xu Yunli, from their faces, we can see the spirit of unyielding.
Yan Ni
Gong Xiangyu. Director Chen Kexin commented on them. From them, we can see the light, the light of victory.
Yuan Xinyue. The latest poster of Chinese women’s volleyball team was released. All the Olympic champion players participated in it to represent the strongest team of Chinese women’s volleyball team. We are looking forward to Gong Li, Huang Bo and Peng Yuchang to have a better performance with Chinese women’s volleyball girls.

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