Cremation of hit girls in Chongqing

12月 30, 2019 佛山站鸡

On December 30, the body of Huo, one of the victims of the Chongqing crash, was cremated in Chongqing. According to the family verification, Huo, a senior in Sanjiang middle school in Qijiang District, came to Chongqing to participate in the art examination training. On the morning of the 30th, a reporter from Nandu contacted CHEN Ye, the acting lawyer of Huo’s family member and the director of Chongqing Kangyu law firm. His assistant is going to Wuhan, the hometown of the man who fell from the building, to try to see his family.
According to a report by Shapingba branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, a man fell from an apartment building in Sanxia square of Shapingba District at about 20:20 on December 24, hitting two pedestrians, Nandu reported earlier. Nearby patrol police quickly carried out the disposal, three people died after 120 rescue. After on-the-spot investigation, video monitoring, investigation and interview, the police preliminarily found out that Li Mou (male, 31 years old, Wuhan, Hubei Province) who was temporarily living in the high-rise apartment building jumped from the building and committed suicide, excluding criminal cases.
CHEN Ye said that on the evening of the 28th, he was entrusted by Huo’s parents to become an attorney in the case. At present, the parents of the deceased have entrusted him to deal with subsequent legal matters, and he will calculate the amount of death compensation, funeral expenses and other compensation in accordance with the tort law and relevant laws and regulations.
At present, the family members of the victims and their lawyer team have not seen the family members of the man who fell from the building, and according to CHEN Ye, as of the 30th, the body of Li, the man who fell from the building, has not been claimed. CHEN Ye told Nandu that his assistant was ready to go to Wuhan and try to meet the family of the man who fell from the building.
Unfortunately, he was hit and died.
CHEN Ye said the family learned from the police that the man fell from an apartment hotel. He said that after all, hotels are special industries. According to Article 37 of the tort liability law, managers of hotels, shopping malls, banks, stations, entertainment places and other public places, or organizers of mass activities, who fail to fulfill their security obligations and cause damage to others, should bear tort liability. If the act of a third party causes damage to others, the third party shall bear the tort liability; if the manager or organizer fails to fulfill the obligation of safety and security, he shall bear the corresponding supplementary liability. CHEN Ye said he could not be held criminally responsible for the man’s death. At the same time, due to the poor economic situation of the actual suicide, the families of the victims are often difficult to get compensation. Chen ye will consider adding the owner or manager of the hotel apartment as the defendant according to the actual situation of the follow-up investigation, and bear the corresponding supplementary compensation liability.
Huo’s father once told CHEN Ye that no matter how much compensation he made, his daughter could not come back, so he was willing to choose to forgive Li. “This victim’s father is the representative of a part of the father group: they are diligent, honest, kind, and have worked hard for their children all their lives. Although their culture is not high, they are sensible and even have a mind that ordinary people don’t have. “CHEN Ye told reporters from Nandu. After the incident, the father offered flowers to three dead people, including the man who fell from a building.
“How to avoid such tragedies obviously requires many reflections. Because you can’t rely on someone who is going to commit suicide. ” CHEN Ye concluded.

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