Prison riots in Mexico

1月 1, 2020 佛山站鸡

People’s daily news on February 12 integrated media reported that a prison in northeastern Mexico had two rival factions fighting each other in the morning of local time on February 11, causing 52 deaths and 12 injuries.
According to reports, the prison in question is called TOPO Chico prison, which is located in the west of Monterey, new Leon, Mexico. At around 0:00 local time on the 11th, a group of prisoners controlled many cells in the prison and set fire to try to divert the attention of the prison guards to escape. Nearby residents said smoke poured out after the fire, and gunshots and explosions were heard from time to time in the prison.
The governor of the state, Jaime Rodriguez, said 52 people were killed in the riot and 12 others were injured, five of them seriously. Rodriguez said the incident was caused by fighting between two rival factions in the prison. During the fighting, some people set fire, but no guns were used. Milenio television in Mexico also said prisoners and guards were among the dead.

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