Feng Timo and pan Weibo

1月 3, 2020 佛山站鸡

Speaking of fengtimo, it can be said that she is a very special female artist. Both the entertainment circle and the live broadcasting circle have participated in it. It has to be said that Feng Timo recently stepped on the scene of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s cross year concert.
We all know that van tilmer is a shorter girl, but she has absolutely no short body. As you can see from the picture below, the vontimo curve of the high-heeled shoes on the ship is really beautiful. In addition, fengtimo’s face is very good, and the whole is very good.
Jiangsu TV’s new year’s party this year can be said to be very brilliant. As everyone who has seen it knows, Jiangsu new year’s party often invites some familiar stars, old stars.
On this basis, Jiangsu Satellite TV has made some upgrades this year. Wang Xi, the chief producer of Jiangsu new year’s Gala, said that many new generation singers have been invited to sing on the same stage with old stars, among which pan Weibo and Feng Timo’s on the same stage are a typical pair.
Feng Timo’s sudden appearance in Macao’s golden light variety hall caused fans to scream and attracted many media. I also answered the doubts of the whole show.
From the interview, we can see that Feng Timo’s mental state is very good, and his performance is calm and calm, sharing the experience of Macao with you.
Compared with the small space of the live broadcast room, the Macao golden light variety hall is quite magnificent. Although she is small, she will shine at the new year’s concert. Mushrooms have also been gathered in Macao’s golden light variety hall to help Feng Timo.
The guests of Macao variety hall are very strong. There are many first-line singers here, and some are leaders in Chinese music. After the program list of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s cross year concert was released, Feng Timo’s arrangement is also perfect.
Nicholas Tse was the first one to appear on the stage and stayed for a long time. The classic old songs are full of memories. The time of other singers is longer than that of Feng Timo, but his performance has not been affected.
Needless to say, many people have heard his “happy worship”. In that era when there was no intelligent machine, many people used MP4 to install this song and listened to it every day. At that time, the original songs were pan Weibo and Zhang Shaohan, and the part of Zhang Shaohan was sung by Feng Timo.
Feng Timo has been a singer for a long time. Although many people still have the impression of her on the Internet, no one in the Buddhist Department hasn’t heard that song. Last year, it was even more popular in the streets.
This time, fengtimo was not only invited to Jiangsu new year’s party, but also to the new year’s Party of station B, because fengtimo has signed a contract with station B and became a anchor of station B.

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