Deng Ziqi comments on Lu Han

1月 5, 2020 佛山站鸡

Deng Ziqi commented on Lu Han’s Micro blog that Deng Ziqi and Lu Han disclosed their private relationship. Last night, Lu Han wrote in INS: “want to eat, ha ha.” What I didn’t expect was that the two photos that Lu Han had exposed were taken in the toilet. Let’s have a look.
On the evening of January 4, Lu Han took two self portraits on the ins platform, and wrote: “if you want to eat something, ha ha”. In the photos, Lu Han wore a dark hooded sweater, with a slightly gray hair combed with a slanted banged hairstyle. Her face was clean and skin was good, which was very handsome. After the photo was taken, it attracted many fans.
Chen Bolin, Zhou Jielun, Luo Zhixiang, Meng Jia and others praised Lu Han’s bewildering behavior. Later, Deng Ziqi saw the toilet in the background of Lu Han’s self portrait and commented: “why do you want to go to the toilet if you want to eat…” at the end of the article, he also took two expressions of “crying and laughing”, full of fun.
In addition, Deng Ziqi also commented on Lu Han’s bewildering behavior in 2018. Before that, Lu Han had a transparent suitcase, and Deng Ziqi joked: “the luggage is all seen, will it attract thieves?” Although Deng Ziqi made fun of Lu Hans, he also showed their good relationship.

作者 kuku