More than 20000 koalas died in a mountain fire

1月 7, 2020 佛山站鸡

With the frequent occurrence of extreme weather, the impact on the creatures is becoming more and more serious, even deadly.
More than 2500 hectares of land have been burned down in Australia as a result of recent fires, foreign media reported. Unfortunately for the local people, the nearby koala habitat and breeding ground were also affected.
It is reported that rescuers have found the burned body of Koala at the scene of a breeding ground. And a koala hospital in New South Wales said the forest fire may have killed more than 350 koalas. It’s sad!
Among the scorched earth, two koala cubs were rescued successfully, one of which was only 5 kg. When rescued, it was dehydrated seriously and contracted into a small ball pitifully and tensely.
Koala is one of Australia’s national treasures and symbols. The local government said that the current situation of saving koala is still grim. Local medical staff said that most koalas would climb to the top of the tree in case of a fire and shrink into a group to temporarily “protect” their own interior. But when they climb down from the burned trunk, they will burn their claws, causing them to not crawl normally.
And because the rescue needs time, many koalas have died of dehydration because they haven’t been able to eat leaves for several days. As a arboreal animal, they get nearly 90% of the water they need by eating eucalyptus leaves. For them, this is undoubtedly a terrible disaster!
In this fire, many small animals lost their lives and homes.