To empty the model room and install the wedding room

1月 13, 2020 佛山站鸡

On December 5, a building in Hexi, Nanjing was ready to demolish the model room that had not been used for a long time. After entering the house, the constructors found that more than 160 items in the sample room had been looted. Because the developers used high-grade furniture, the loss was close to 700000 yuan. Police found that the main culprit woman Wang Mou is the high-level leader of the landscaping company on the site of the property, and the other four suspects are employees of the landscaping company, all of whom are related. Wang’s son was about to get married. Considering the lack of new furniture in the wedding room, she called five relatives to steal. Finally, five suspects were forced by the police.
In March 2019, two men in Jimo stole mahogany furniture by pretending to be women at night. They went back and forth more than 10 times in six hours, and “sold” themselves with too much strength. At present, two men have been arrested.
In the afternoon of March 8, 2019, Lingshan police station of Jimo Public Security Bureau received an alarm, saying that a furniture processing factory within its jurisdiction had more than 400000 yuan worth of mahogany furniture stolen. After receiving the police, the police arrived at the scene to carry out the investigation. Due to the large number of furniture in the furniture processing factory, the factory can not determine the time when the furniture was stolen. In this regard, the police visited the surrounding people and collected a large number of surveillance videos. Finally, the suspect was found in the process of viewing the surveillance video.
Police found through the surveillance video that two women with curly hair and shawls climbed over the wall into the furniture factory on the night of the 5th, bowing to remove the furniture from the outside. The police found that two women parked a van on the side of the road 1.5 kilometers away, and moved more than 20 pieces of mahogany furniture to the car for more than 10 times. The crime lasted for more than six hours.
Carry furniture more than 10 times in the morning for more than 6 hours Two “women” super physical strength, caused the police’s high suspicion. Through further investigation, the police found that the two were not women, but men wearing wigs. Subsequently, the police line touch row, locked the identity of the two suspects, Qu and Zhang.
On the 14th, police arrested the two men. According to the two, in early March, Zhang heard that there was precious mahogany furniture in the furniture processing factory, so he moved his heart and found Qu to steal together. After discussion, the two thieves left the mahogany furniture of the furniture processing factory on the night of the 5th. Because there was no way to sell the stolen goods, they hid the mahogany furniture in their own henhouse.
At present, the two have been detained in accordance with the law, and mahogany furniture has been successfully recovered. The case is under further investigation. What awaits them will be severe punishment by law.