Windows 7 officially retired

1月 16, 2020 佛山站鸡

On January 14, Microsoft announced the retirement of Windows 7. It will no longer provide security upgrades or support for computers that install Windows 7.
Although it can still be used normally, the computer of this system will be more vulnerable to malware and hackers, and the risk will be greatly increased.
Windows 7 system was born in 2009, has been more than 10 years, Microsoft promised 10 years of maintenance when it was released. According to the survey, nearly 60% of domestic computer users are still using the win7 system. Considering the huge number and wide influence of users, Microsoft formally reminded users in March last year that it would stop updating Windows 7 system.
In fact, Windows 7 has become so popular that it took nearly four years for windows 10 to gain market share. According to netmarketshare, millions of PCs are still running Windows 7, and the operating system is still running on 26% of the world’s PCs.
Despite the end of support, Windows 7 doesn’t seem to have completely evaporated that fast. It could take another year or two to stabilize Windows 7’s market share below 10%, especially if Google promises to support chrome on Windows 7 by at least mid-2021. This makes it difficult for Microsoft to get sustained support.
Recently, some security software, such as Tencent security, have said that they will continue to provide real-time vulnerability patches for enterprises and individual users using Windows 7. But Microsoft still suggests buying a new computer to use windows 10.