Xinjiang desert becomes snow sea

1月 18, 2020 佛山站鸡

From the evening of January 14 to 15, Shanshan County, Turpan City, Xinjiang ushered in the first snowfall in 2020. According to the Meteorological Bureau of Shanshan County, the maximum snowfall reached 9.8mm, with a depth of 10cm, which is the largest snowfall in the county for more than 40 years. The Kumutag desert, which is close to Shanshan County, is snow-white. The snow covers the sand waves like a “snow sea”.
The kumutage desert after the heavy snow, the monotonous yellow sand in the past covered with white clothes, the snow desert is boundless like a picture. However, the heavy snow has a certain impact on people’s production and life, urban operation, industrial and agricultural production, transportation, tourism, etc. in Shanshan county. “It is expected that the snowfall process will last until the evening. The weather process has a strong snowfall, which has a negative impact on traffic safety and facility agriculture,” said haridan Kadir, weather forecaster of Shanshan Meteorological Bureau. Shanshan Meteorological Bureau issued yellow warning signal of road icing in time to remind relevant departments to take countermeasures. “
Shanshan county is subordinate to Turpan City, Xinjiang. It is located in the east of Turpan Basin at the south foot of the eastern Tianshan Mountain. It is adjacent to Mulei County and Qitai County in the north, Qiketai town in the East, qijiaojing Township in Hami City, SUBASHI village in tuyugou in the west, Shengjin Township in Turpan City, and juelutag county and Ruoqiang county and Yuli County in the south through South Lake Gobi. The total area is 39800 square kilometers, accounting for 2.5% of the total area of Xinjiang. It has jurisdiction over 5 towns and townships with a total population of 231297 (2010). Shanshan oilfield is the first large-scale Zhuluo oil field in China.
Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed railway, Lianyungang Huozhou high speed railway, Asia Europe optical cable and west east gas transmission pipeline run through the whole territory. There are three railway stations, Shanshan railway station, Shanshan north high speed railway station and Tuha high speed railway station, 104 kilometers away from Turpan airport, with superior location and convenient transportation. They are an important part of Urumqi one hour economic circle. In 2017, Shanshan county was included in the National Garden County.