South Korean Embassy in China with banners

2月 12, 2020 佛山站鸡

South Korean Embassy in China hung a banner: China’s difficulties are our difficulties, China come on!
Political express yesterday 13:52
On February 11, the official account of the Korean Embassy in China tweeted on China’s social media microblog, saying, “China’s difficulties are our difficulties. The Korean embassy is with you!” In the picture, the same slogan is printed on the banner hanging on the outer wall of the embassy.
South Korea’s president, Wen zaiyin, also said at the qingwatai meeting on February 3 that with the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the temporary ban on foreigners from Hubei is an inevitable prevention and control measure to protect the national security. But South Korea and China are friendly neighbors to each other. “China’s difficulties are our difficulties. South Korea will spare no effort to provide support and cooperation to help China fight the epidemic.”
The Seoul municipal government of Korea also said on 11 th that it will provide 600 million yuan (3 million 530 thousand yuan) scale relief materials to 12 cities in China, such as Beijing and Chongqing, to help China fight the new coronavirus epidemic.
Park Yuanchun, mayor of Seoul, expressed his gratitude to Beijing for sending a special envoy to help Seoul when it is suffering from the Middle East respiratory syndrome (mers) epidemic. He hoped that China could overcome the current difficulties as soon as possible and return to normal. He also hoped that Seoul and China’s sister cities could help each other in the difficulties and deepen friendship.
According to the news of Korea Broadcasting Corporation on February 3rd, in January 30th, when WHO announced that the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in China was defined as a public health emergencies of international concern, although WHO did not recommend restrictions on travel or trade, the epidemic will inevitably strike a blow on the Korean economy. China accounts for 25% of South Korea’s total exports and 34% of South Korea’s inbound foreign tourists, the report said.
Zheng ZHEJIN, an economic commentator in South Korea, said that if the spread of the virus can be effectively controlled between April and may, the annual growth rate of South Korea’s economy is estimated to decline by 0.15 percentage points, and if the epidemic is not controlled until August, the annual growth rate will decline by 0.2 percentage points. The South Korean government should minimize the impact of the outbreak by preventing people’s concerns about the virus from spreading to the economy and stabilizing financial markets.
According to Reuters reported on February 3rd, the South Korean government said 3, is ready to adopt policies to minimize the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economy, and said it would take action to calm any financial market instability. “All our efforts need to focus on reducing the impact on the domestic economy,” South Korean Minister of planning and finance Hong Nanji said at a policy meeting in Seoul. “If the volatility increases, the government will implement preventive, rapid and accurate market stability measures according to the emergency plan.”
According to CCTV news February 11th, South Korean Central epidemic prevention countermeasures headquarters 11 days bulletin, since January 20th confirmed the first case, South Korea has reported 28 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed cases, of which 3 cases were cured and discharged.