Haidilao responds to customer’s diagnosis

2月 13, 2020 佛山站鸡

This morning, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. said it would further strengthen eight measures and make every effort to prevent and control the epidemic situation of return to work transportation.
■ transportation capacity arrangement “one map per day”
Pay close attention to the return to work and production arrangements in all regions, make full use of big data, and timely analyze the changes in passenger flow and freight demand. Accurately arrange the capacity of the back journey of the staggered peak, implement “one map per day” and dynamically increase or decrease trains.
Strengthen the management of ticket sales, implement the strategy of decentralized ticket sales, ban the sale of non seat tickets, and properly control the passenger train seat rate.
Accurately meet the needs of enterprises to resume production and freight transportation, “one enterprise, one policy” to develop transportation plans, focus on key areas, strengthen the organization of loading and unloading trucks, and improve transportation efficiency.
■ avoid passenger gathering to the greatest extent
Disperse measures shall be taken for passengers waiting for, purchasing tickets and refunding tickets in the station to standardize the operation of entrance check-in of face recognition and maintain the effective distance of check-in;
Guide the passengers with dense passenger flow to the same empty compartment and sit separately;
The dining car will no longer receive passengers’ meals and shopping, but will be replaced by the regular delivery of boxed meals and commodities to passengers’ seats by train staff;
The passenger steward shall strengthen the guard of the carriage end door and dissuade passengers from walking around the carriage as far as possible;
Strengthen outbound organization to ensure smooth and orderly passage and avoid personnel aggregation.
■ strengthen the ventilation, disinfection and cleaning of station cars
Strictly implement anti epidemic measures such as ventilation, disinfection, sanitation and cleaning of station vehicles. Optimize the air supply of EMU trains, and complete the fresh air exchange every 5 to 10 minutes;
Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of filter screen of air conditioning train;
Open the windows of non air-conditioned trains frequently and ventilate them in time;
Strengthen the preventive disinfection, disinfection at any time, final disinfection and whole process sanitation of all kinds of passenger trains, and increase the frequency of disinfection for key parts such as toilet door handle, hand washing table faucet, waste box place.
■ organize public awareness of epidemic prevention and control
Using station and train video and broadcast, facing passengers and employees, vigorously publicize the health protection knowledge launched by the state authority, circularly broadcast the public welfare propaganda film of epidemic prevention knowledge, distribute the easy to understand propaganda manual and cartoon in the station and train place, and compile and distribute the Knowledge Manual of epidemic prevention for railway employees.
■ prevent and control fever passengers scientifically according to law
Cooperate with local government’s epidemic prevention department to measure the temperature of passengers in and out of all railway stations handling passenger transport business, and conduct spot check on the temperature of passengers during train operation;
According to different models and seats, a certain seat shall be reserved at the end of the vehicle as the isolation place for hot passengers;
In case of hot passengers found on the passenger train, measures such as moving to the isolation seat, re measuring the temperature and arranging disinfection shall be taken immediately, and they shall be delivered to the station ahead in time;
For the passengers with fever found during the inspection of train delivery or in and out of the station, they shall be sent to the inspection station in time or handed over to the local health department.
■ check the close contacts on the vehicle in time
Use 12306 big data resources for ticket sales, cooperate with local government and health department in the first time to check the close contacts of the confirmed cases when taking the train; implement the measures that the ticket buyer must provide the passenger’s mobile phone number to improve the accuracy of the check.
■ timely and efficient delivery of medical personnel and prevention and control materials
We should establish an efficient transportation guarantee mechanism, adhere to special affairs and special operations, open up green channels, and make every effort to guarantee the transportation of medical personnel, prevention and control materials and living materials in Hubei and other key areas, so as to ensure the fastest transportation.
■ strengthen the protection of railway employees
It is required that employees must wear masks at work, conscientiously implement the protection requirements such as frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation and no gathering, and comprehensively implement the system of leaving and returning from work and entering and leaving the unit to take temperature;
Centralized management, strict management, small work units and strict contact with the outside world shall be carried out for personnel in key posts such as dispatching and commanding;
Strengthen personal protection for front-line staff such as passenger service and locomotive crew;
Strengthen the psychological guidance of employees, relieve anxiety and tension.