How about 1099 A-shares being included in BMI

9月 8, 2019 佛山站鸡

In the early morning of Beijing time on 8 September, S&P Dow Jones Index sent an e-mail to reporters of China Securities Daily saying that on September 6, 1099 Chinese A-shares were formally included in the S&P Emerging BMI, which will take effect at the opening of September 23.
Of the 1,099 A-shares, 147 are large-cap, 251 are medium-cap and 701 are small-cap. When they are included in the 25% inclusion factor, the weights of A shares in the S&P Emerging GMI are estimated to be 6.2%, and the weights of the Chinese market as a whole (including A shares, Hong Kong shares and overseas listings) in the S&P Emerging GMI are estimated to be 36%. The S&P Dow Jones Index said that the list and weight will change before September 23, and investors will remain on the final list.
This time, GEM stocks are not included in the list. The official website of the S&P Dow Jones Index said it would consult market participants before it was included in GEM stocks.


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