New crown patients can self-healing

3月 3, 2020 佛山站鸡

In March 2nd, novel coronavirus disease treatment plan was announced by Japanese infectious disease society in March 2nd. It is advocated that most patients who are under 50 years old can heal themselves, and they may not need antiviral drugs for treatment.
The report says novel coronavirus pneumonia is not effective, but because patients over the age of 50 are likely to suffer respiratory failure, antiviral drugs will be considered when hypoxemia is found in the blood. Even under the age of 50, medication will be considered when the condition continues to deteriorate under oxygen inhalation and symptomatic therapy. The target drugs were “lopinavir” and “ritonavir”, the AIDS treatment drugs, and “avigan”, the anti influenza virus drugs.
The plan states that two drugs, lopinavir and ritonavir, will be used at the same time, with the same dose of AIDS treatment, and the drug will last about 10 days. According to the results of previous experiments on other coronaviruses, if the concentration is not high enough, it may not be able to produce effect, which will be further discussed in the future.
According to Kyodo news agency, avigan was given a dose higher than that of influenza treatment for up to 14 days. Pregnant women and women who may be pregnant should not use it because it may cause fetal malformation. The plan requires full explanation of the risk and written consent when using drugs, pointing out that “it is necessary to explore carefully”.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 15 cases of Hokkaido, Kanagawa and AI yuan as of 20 pm on March 2nd, according to the NHK, which was reported on March 2nd. The total number of confirmed cases was 976. The confirmed cases include 257 infected people and Chinese tourists in Japan, 705 passengers and crew members on the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship, and 14 people from the Japanese government chartered flights back to Japan. In addition, 12 cases died.