Huang Zijiao and Meng Geng Ru get married

3月 6, 2020 佛山站鸡

On March 5, Huang Zijing had a good news of the official announcement of marriage. In the text, Huang Zijing revealed the whole process of their love and acquaintance. He said frankly: Mrs. Huang, I love you! Netizens are very envious of their love! Huang Zijing’s wife is Meng Geng Ru. They fell in love in 2013 and proposed in 2018. In 2020, they finally became legal husband and wife. Netizens also sent blessings: Congratulations! Later, Meng Geng Ru also sent a message to the official to announce the good news. The two got married on March 5. In the text, Meng Geng Ru also said frankly: the age gap is not a problem, and the power of love is great! At the same time, thanks to their friends!
Huang Zijing is a very popular host in the world of hosting. His love affair with Xiaos once caused controversy, but then they broke up suddenly. Now, at the age of 47, Huang Zijing finally met his favorite person, and Xiaos has finally become the past! In this special period, the two announced their wedding. They are still very curious about their wedding. When can they see their wedding? Once Xiaos accepted an interview and said that he would give Huang Zijing a big red envelope, but Huang said that he would not invite his predecessors, including Meng Geng Ru’s!
Although it is often said that we can still be good friends after breaking up, there are only a few lovers who can really be friends when we meet here, so Huang Zijing’s behavior is also reasonable! The biggest problem between the two is the age difference, because the age difference between the 19-year-olds is the age difference between a father and a daughter, but the two don’t care about other people’s comments, as long as they feel happy, so the two never care about the outside comments, and they have always been very kind, because they are well maintained, they don’t look like 19-year-old people at all!
Now Huang Zijiao and Meng Geng ruguanxuan are getting married. Netizens have sent their blessings. In fact, there are people of different ages in the entertainment circle and life who have accidentally become lovers. Of course, this is personal freedom, not related to other people! What do you want to say about the wedding news of Huang Zijiao and Meng Geng ru?