Fujian report smuggling award 10000

4月 2, 2020 佛山站鸡

In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread rapidly, Fujian Province, which accounts for 18.3% of the total coastline length, has already explicitly requested strict prevention of outbreaks of foreign epidemic, and announced the reward telephone and reward methods.
Among them,
Since March 26, several counties, districts and county-level cities in Quanzhou, the hometown of overseas Chinese, have issued relevant notices, including Fengze District, Taishang District, Quangang District, Licheng District, Fengze District, Luojiang District, Yongchun County, Dehua County, Hui’an County, Anxi County, Shishi City, Jinjiang City, Nan’an City, etc.
Www.thepaper.cn noted that the novel coronavirus pneumonia control unit was issued by the local emergency department or public security bureau.
Take novel coronavirus pneumonia as an example: in March 28th, the Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau issued the circular on the strict prevention of the entry of new crown pneumonia epidemic in Licheng. According to the circular, at present, the rapid spread of the international epidemic has increased the input risk. In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control work in our region, maintain the hard won situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, jointly protect the beautiful home of Licheng, mobilize the masses to actively provide illegal entry personnel, organizers, participants, fail to implement medical observation as required, deliberately escape from health management, etc Personnel clues, weaving and strengthening the prevention and control network of imported epidemic situation, fully covering, full chain and seamless, focusing on various prevention and control work to ensure “external input and internal rebound”.
The circular stressed that “it is strictly prohibited to illegally cross the national (border) border, organize and transport others to illegally cross the national (border) border, assist others to illegally cross the national (border) border or assist others to illegally exit and enter the country, and any enterprise or individual is strictly prohibited to keep, hide and transport illegal entry personnel (including Chinese citizens and foreigners).”
For those who violate the above provisions, the circular states that they will be punished in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China and the law of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry respectively. Among them, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia or suspected patients who have stolen the border from the border or know the new crown pneumonia diagnosed or suspected patients to organize and transport the Vietnamese border (border) constitute other crimes will be punished according to the provisions of “joint punishment for multiple offense”.
In the circular, Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau called on the masses of the people to actively report the organizers, participants and recipients (enterprises) of illegal immigrants. “For those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in solving cases, each reward is 1000 to 5000 yuan.”.
It is worth mentioning that the awards offered by the above counties, districts and cities are different: for example, Luojiang District and Shishi City only mentioned that “those who report meritorious deeds will be given heavy awards according to relevant regulations”, and the highest prize is “those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in finding cases will be rewarded 10000 yuan each time” proposed by Taiwan business district.
In addition to Quanzhou, similar notices were issued on March 29 in the north bank economic development zone of Meizhou Bay in Putian and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian.
The Circular of the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia headquarters issued by the North Branch of the Putian Public Security Bureau said, “the masses should actively inform the organizers, participants and recipients of illegal immigrants. For those who report meritorious deeds, a bonus of 3000 yuan shall be given according to relevant regulations, and the personal information and safety of the informant shall be protected according to law. ” The Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic command will reward the 5000 yuan RMB for “reporting the content.”
Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Fujian at 24 hours as of March 28th, 42 cases (0 cases were cured and 0 cases were discharged, 42 cases were hospitalized, and no deaths). Fujian reported 2 suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia.