Foreign military aircraft transport materials to China

4月 5, 2020 佛山站鸡

With the rapid spread of the epidemic in foreign countries, there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials in various countries. On April 4, five military aircraft landed at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai successively to provide “self provided” anti epidemic materials.
Pudong International Airport guarantees that foreign military transport aircraft can quickly load anti epidemic materials. Photo by shangjixuan
Two Il-76 heavy transport aircraft of Algerian air force took off from Russian Kazan airport on the evening of April 3 and landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the early morning of April 4. The two chartered planes loaded a large number of anti epidemic materials, including masks, and returned in the afternoon. At 5:06 and 7:22 on April 4, the Russian Air Force chartered two Il-76 heavy transport aircraft to land at Pudong International Airport, brought a large number of anti epidemic materials such as masks, and returned to Novosibirsk airport in the afternoon.
Pudong International Airport supports Russian air force Il-76 transport aircraft. Photo by shangjixuan
The third Russian Air Force chartered plane An-124 took off from Novosibirsk airport at 13:40 on the 4th and landed at Pudong International Airport at 20:00 on the same day. In order to ensure the rapid return of these chartered aircraft to epidemic prevention materials, Pudong Airport has planned in advance to allocate various aircraft resources reasonably according to the type of Chartered aircraft and the size of loading capacity, so as to provide a relatively complete freight infrastructure for chartered aircraft and realize rapid loading, unloading and transportation.