Statement of Chinese Embassy in Russia

4月 8, 2020 佛山站鸡

Recently, a Chinese Internet source claimed that “with the closure of Russian cities, a large number of Chinese in Russia have been deported. In the next few days, about 1.5 million Chinese will come back from Suifenhe, Heihe and Fuyuan. Mudanjiang will be the disaster area of this event. ” In response, the Chinese Consulate General in Vladivostok told the Global Times Sunday that the news was a rumor and there was no mass expulsion of Chinese by Russia.
In the morning of April 7, the health and Health Commission of Heilongjiang Province issued the latest epidemic report. On April 6, 20 new confirmed cases were imported from China and Russia. According to the relevant information released by the health and Health Commission of Heilongjiang Province, the entry routes of 20 cases confirmed on June 6 were completely the same, all of which were from Moscow to Vladivostok on flight Su 1700 of Russian Airlines on March 3, and from Vladivostok to the boundary monument of Suifenhe port on April 4, and then isolated to different isolation points of Suifenhe.
In response, the Chinese Consulate General in Vladivostok told the global times that this situation “may be the source of this rumor”. However, most of the Chinese citizens who recently returned from Russia returned to China by themselves, rather than being deported. Most of them came from Suifenhe, and many cases were found.
At the same time, the Consulate General said that it is impossible for a large number of Chinese people to return to China from Suifenhe and Heihe in the coming days. Because the port of Heihe has been closed for a long time, and the government of Suifenhe and the government of Russia’s coastal border region have also announced that the personnel passage of Suifenhe bogranic highway port will be temporarily closed from April 7 to 13. According to a person familiar with the situation in Fuyuan, Fuyuan port is closed every winter. It can only be opened and closed until May 1 in previous years, and it is still closed at present.
According to a Vladivostok expatriate told the global times, the total number of Chinese and overseas Chinese in Russia is about 200000 to 300000, which is not as much as 1.5 million as the Internet rumor said. At present, most Chinese and overseas Chinese will stay in Russia and keep social distance at home. He told reporters that Russia could not expel overseas Chinese on a large scale, otherwise it would be a great diplomatic crisis between the two countries. If Russia punishes or even deports the relevant personnel, it is generally that the relevant personnel violate the local isolation regulations.
He said that at present, Vladivostok requires all residents to isolate themselves at home and have a pass to go to the street. “If there is no pass on the street, it will be considered as a violation of the isolation regulations, and the maximum penalty will be 1 million rubles, equivalent to 90000 yuan.”
Russia’s coastal border region government is asking the Russian federal government to arrange charter flights from Moscow to Beijing for Chinese citizens who plan to return home, rather than allowing them to transit in Vladivostok, Russian satellite news agency reported Thursday. China’s Consulate General in Vladivostok issued a notice Saturday, strongly suggesting that Chinese citizens avoid the long-distance journey from Moscow to Vladivostok to Suifen River, “at least 11 hours from Moscow to the port must be in a crowded and closed environment, with a great risk of cross infection.”.