79 new imports in Heilongjiang

4月 14, 2020 佛山站鸡

At 0-24 o’clock on April 13, 2020, there were no newly confirmed cases or suspected cases in Heilongjiang Province. As of 24:00 on April 13, 493 local confirmed cases, 11 confirmed cases (Harbin City) and 7 asymptomatic infections (Harbin City) have been reported. There were 1174 fever outpatients on that day. A total of 16726 close contacts have been traced, 335 of whom are undergoing medical observation and 16391 have been removed from medical observation.
0-24:00, April 13, 2020. 79 newly imported confirmed cases (65 cases transferred from asymptomatic infectious cases imported from abroad) were all Chinese, imported from Russia, including 24 cases in Jilin Province, 24 cases in Heilongjiang Province, 11 cases in Guangdong Province, 5 cases in Fujian Province, 5 cases in Zhejiang Province, 2 cases in Liaoning Province, 2 cases in Jiangsu Province, 1 case in Shandong Province, 1 case in Sichuan Province, 1 case in Jiangxi Province, 1 case in Hebei Province, 1 case in Henan Province One case in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. As of 24:00 on April 13, 326 cases of confirmed imported cases were reported, including 102 in Heilongjiang Province and 224 in other provinces; 325 confirmed imported cases; 6 suspected imported cases; and 1 cured and discharged case. 2060 close contacts overseas have been traced, 596 have been removed from medical observation, and 1464 are undergoing medical observation.
At 0-24 o’clock on April 13, 2020, a new case of asymptomatic infection was imported from abroad, from China, Liaoning Province and Russia. As of 24:00 on April 13, 54 cases of asymptomatic infection had been imported from abroad, including 22 from Heilongjiang Province and 32 from other provinces.