On Liu Zhiming with tears in his wife’s eyes

4月 20, 2020 佛山站鸡

Two months ago, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Liu Zhiming, the dean of the Wuchang hospital in Wuhan, died in February 18th. Liu Zhiming’s wife, Cai Liping, is the head nurse of Guanggu hospital, Wuhan third hospital. The two were named novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control advanced individuals. Liu Zhiming was rated as a martyr by the people’s Government of Hubei Province.
Husband and wife fighting in the front line of anti epidemic
In January 21st, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was instructed by the Wuchang hospital. The hospital was requisitioned as one of the designated hospitals for the treatment of fever. It was necessary to complete the hospital district transformation within two days, transfer 499 patients and receive fever patients. The Wuchang hospital was ordered to receive the new hospital. Time is pressing. Liu Zhiming leads the hospital’s medical staff to work overnight. In fact, he had a low fever at that time.
Cai Liping: later, it’s getting worse. I wonder if it’s infected? During that time, I often heard him say that there were many severe patients, but at the beginning, they didn’t have such a rigorous sense of defense. At that time, I immediately asked him to go to treatment. Later, I heard that he fished for three days and basked in the net for two days. Call me at four or five in the morning and I think he’s a little short of breath. He said that now the hospital has been expropriated and a lot of work has to be done. It’s impossible to go home now. Please help me clear some clothes and send them to the hospital.
On the day after Wuchang hospital was expropriated, Guanggu District, the Third Hospital of Wuhan City, was also expropriated. Cai Liping’s ICU has nearly 30 critical patients, who need to be transferred to Shouyi hospital within three days. Meanwhile, the transformation of the new critical area is completed, and the delivery of clothes to her husband can only be postponed.
Cai Liping: we are not the same as the ordinary ward. They are all special consumables. The ventilator connector we moved to doesn’t match the connector of the equipment belt. It can’t be used at all. We took all the connectors of other general wards that had ventilators one by one and installed them on our ventilators, which took a lot of time and energy. Because before each department’s items were basically sealed, we would drill into their warehouse to screw off the connector and replace it on our ventilator, which we did by ourselves. We also have dialysis equipment, equipment, items, dialysis replacement fluid 18 kg a bag, all rely on our nurses to carry one by one.
The seriously ill husband asked his wife via wechat, “don’t come to the patient but need you more”
On January 23, Wuchang hospital opened 504 beds as scheduled. However, on the day when Wuchang hospital began to treat febrile patients on a large scale, Liu Zhiming himself fell on the bed. The next day’s CT results showed that the lung was seriously infected and Liu Zhiming was transferred to the ICU ward. That day was new year’s Eve. After receiving the news, Cai Liping took time to go home after work that night, packed Liu Zhiming’s clothes and stewed some soup for him. The next day the driver came to take the clothes and soup to Liu Zhiming. Liu Zhiming sent a wechat to Cai Liping, “this is the best gift my wife gave me.”.
On January 25, on the first day of the lunar new year, Cai Liping’s intensive care area began to receive patients. The 15 beds were full on the first day, and then expanded to 30.
On the one hand novel coronavirus pneumonia is suffering from severe patients, and the same husband lying in ICU, Cai Liping suffers from both ends. She once sent a wechat message to Liu Zhiming and wanted to put down her work to accompany her, but Liu refused. In his wechat to Cai Liping, he said, “don’t come tomorrow. Although I need you to take care of me most at this moment, there are more patients there who need you. You are the head nurse of ICU, the most important patients need you, and your nursing sisters also need you! Pay attention to rest and protection! You have to give me good! “
Can’t stop. “We’re two really too hard at work.”
In the ICU nursing team, Cai Liping is called “Cai Ma”. Every time before entering the isolation ward, she would carefully check each “child”‘s protective clothing, draw their favorite cartoon patterns on the protective clothing, and write words encouraging them.
Cai Liping: critical care is totally different from ordinary patients. It may be the last line of defense for patients’ lives. ICU has a group of post-90s children. To be honest, who is not afraid? All afraid, including me. To be a head nurse, we should set an example in children’s mind. Only you are there, they may feel that they will be safer and have a backbone. Many children in the Department are from other places. Their parents don’t know that they are in the new crown ward. It’s also a responsibility for me to stay there every day. After all, in addition to work, I also need to protect them.
Like Cai Liping, Liu Zhiming can’t bear the burden. Even though the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed and is in the ICU ward, Liu Zhiming still calls and answers information, asks the patient’s treatment, repeatedly tells the hospital infection prevention and control to do in place. Liu Zhiming often feels sorry for other colleagues who are fighting in the front line of anti epidemic, “I can’t help you in a hurry. If there are other diseases, I will fight together with you.”