Collective infection in Japanese hospitals

4月 21, 2020 佛山站鸡

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 0 hospitals in three hospitals, according to the daily news released by Japanese media.
So far, the meizhiqiao hospital in Matsumoto, Osaka, has confirmed that there are 8 medical staff and patients infected, and one female patient in her 100s died. In addition, the “Qishan hospital” in xiongchochocho, Osaka Prefecture, has so far confirmed that three medical staff and patients are infected, and two women in their 70s have died. Among them, in Osaka City, a rehabilitation hospital in Shengye District, up to now, it has been confirmed that the total number of medical staff and patients is 55. On April 19, Osaka City Health Center launched an investigation, planning to carry out a new coronavirus test for all medical staff and inpatients.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not treated in all three hospitals, and the infection route has not been identified yet. At present, relevant hospitals have cancelled accepting transferred patients and refused to accept emergency treatment.