Written by Chen Derong

4月 30, 2020 佛山站鸡

On April 29, Chen Derong, a famous “Qiongyao girl”, accepted an interview with Taiwan media and officially announced her divorce. Although she has been in the semi retirement state, the status of the performing arts circle is still there, and her marriage state has attracted many people’s attention.
At 11 o’clock on the night of the 29th, Chen Derong updated his microblog, took photos with his mother and posted: Thank you for every real encounter in his life!
There are also several topics:
The princess does not lack prince charming
Be your own queen
Family is the support forever
A New Beginning
Please give me more advice
Obviously, Chen Delong’s publicity this time is for the sake of re creating. I wonder if there is any chance to return to the entertainment circle to make a film?
Chen Derong, 45, has joined the entertainment circle since she was a child. In everyone’s impression, she should be more than 50 years old, but in fact, she started her career at the age of 15 and worked too long, so she gave everyone such an illusion.
Chen Derong is the heroine of “three lanes of plum blossom” series and “one curtain of dreams”. The image of “jade girl” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After getting married in February 2011, she lived a low-key family life, rarely came out to make movies, occasionally went on Variety shows, bringing memories to the audience.
Chen Derong said in an interview that her husband Wang Zance, a rich businessman in the real estate industry, and she had signed for divorce as early as last August, but it had not been announced. She said that the two sides separated peacefully, without any third party, quarrel or property problems.
In the early morning of April 30, Taiwan media revealed that in terms of property distribution, Chen Derong and his ex husband’s former Taipei House had been given to the woman by the man, and that the two’s fading feelings should be related to the absence of children.
However, the report of the Taiwan media is a bit contradictory. The first paragraph says that Chen de Rong still plays after his marriage, and the second paragraph turns into no play after marriage
Maybe at the beginning of her marriage, Chen Derong still made movies, but in recent years, her dramas are not very busy.
Half a year after the divorce, Chen Delong was finally able to say that she was an insider and really should give the audience an account, but her ex husband was an outsider. She begged the media reporter not to disturb the other party and not affect him.
From Chen’s attitude, she and Wang Zance are really like peacefully breaking up. She will care about each other, which proves that they are calm.
Chen also admitted that now he has become friends with his ex husband, and will continue to contact and greet each other when he meets them. He has not died of divorce.
Chen Derong has been married for eight years, and most of the time he lives a leisurely family life. It would be hypocritical to say that such a state is not to have children.
However, over the years, she has not given birth to half a man and half a woman. She also told the media that “marriage is not for the sake of inheriting the family, just let it be as it is, not necessarily to have children.” she was tough.
At that time, she also found a way out for herself, saying that if she wanted to have children in the future, she would consider adopting or looking for a surrogate mother.
At the beginning of the month, the media pointed out that Chen Derong was promoted to be a producer, and the new film was to be shot in Hainan Island and Xiamen, but it was postponed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and declined invitations for several programs (approaching its territory, rotating bar holiday).
In addition, she has been living in Taipei since January. She will shoot new photo albums in the local area. She will also consider shooting Taiwan’s TV series.
Chen de Rong is well maintained. He also has the burden of idolatry. He doesn’t eat snacks, oil or salt. He doesn’t eat after 6 p.m. and only eats two meals a day plus sports and beauty.
She once confessed that even when she went out to the convenience store to buy something, she had to wear special make-up to keep the good condition of the female star, and she didn’t worry about getting married.
Vivian Chan’s mother suffered from three stages of kidney cancer a few years ago, but her treatment was good and her health was OK. The old man knew that her daughter was going to divorce, and he was very open-minded to show respect for her daughter’s decision.