Zhang Wenhong suffocates the virus

5月 1, 2020 佛山站鸡

CCTV news: “our epidemic prevention policy and treatment strategy do not fully communicate with the common people is not very effective!” On April 30, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department of Shanghai Huashan Hospital and leader of the Shanghai medical treatment expert group, said that the whole process of science popularization is the popularization of science, and experts come to popularize the common people. On the face of it, the actual connotation is not that. He believes that science popularization is a process of communication.
“In this outbreak, we all know that China has won a phased victory so far. Prevention and control are one prevention and one control.” Zhang Wenhong introduced that many doctors in Shanghai, in addition to joining the medical treatment expert group, have also joined the work of the prevention group, fully realizing that it is too late to rely on the treatment of diseases, and the best way is prevention. How to prevent?
At the beginning of the epidemic, there were a large number of experts in Shanghai, including public health, basic medicine, clinical medicine, psychological medicine and so on.
“In fact, this is a people’s campaign, and the work doctors can do is very limited!” Zhang Wenhong believes that whether the campaign is a victory or not depends on whether the whole people are launched. “Now it seems that Chinese people have been mobilized in this anti epidemic campaign!”
Director Zhang, for example, said at that time that “you are a fighter if you are stuck at home” and “you are stuck at home” in science, which means that we should keep a thorough social distance, which can effectively block the spread of infectious diseases for more than two weeks. Director Zhang asked you to compare, think it’s such a common way of expression, or a good way of expression of the word “boring”?
What does it mean that the virus has been smothered for two weeks? He further interpreted that the virus did not exist in the whole transmission chain, so it smothered the virus.
“So, I think popular science in a sense is to communicate our good epidemic prevention strategies with the public.” for example, director Zhang said that if we are forced not to go out, we must wear masks. If we don’t do this, it’s wrong. Think about it, this way of communication will not work in communication science.
So today’s science popularization, in a sense, is that all expert groups fully communicate their own epidemic prevention strategies with the public. In the communication of epidemic prevention strategies, such science popularization is often said that “giving fish is not as good as giving fish”.
Director Zhang also gave an example to illustrate that a notice was issued. During the current epidemic, the situation was very serious. Everyone stayed at home and didn’t go out for two weeks, but the truth was not clear. I believe that as time goes on, few people can stick to it. But if the scientific truth is clear, everyone will actively cooperate. “In today’s Shanghai and today’s China, one of the main reasons for the great victory is that the people have greatly cooperated with the advice of epidemic prevention experts and clinical experts.” Director Zhang praised.