Trump forces the meat factory back to work

5月 4, 2020 佛山站鸡

President trump signed a presidential executive order on the evening of April 28 local time to force us meat processing plants to “maintain operations” by using the defense production act (DPA). The move was strongly opposed by the trade union, which believed that the safety of workers should be put first and asked the government to provide adequate protection measures for workers.
The executive order was strongly opposed by the workers’ Union. Kim Cordova, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (ufcwiu), which represents meat packaging workers, believed that the guidance of the CDC was not mandatory and could not make the government effectively provide health protection measures for workers. She mentioned that until measures were taken to protect the safety of meat packing workers, the government could not allow them to return to work, and protection measures should include adequate masks for workers, strengthening social isolation and providing paid sick leave for infected workers.
At the same time, she asked workers to be able to accept daily tests, because they can’t keep enough distance at work. Once someone is infected, timely detection of cases can slow down the spread of the virus. “They signed a work contract and didn’t sign a life and death certificate. We don’t want a job to become their death trial.”
Previously, trump said that the executive order would apply to all meat processing plants in the United States to ensure that the food supply chain would not be damaged, and provide legal support for meat processing plants, which means that if employees are infected with the new coronavirus, the factory can be exempted from relevant responsibilities.