Nurse’s certificate of air kissing

5月 12, 2020 佛山站鸡

2020’s new coronavirus is so sudden that it suddenly interrupts many people’s life plans. Chen Ying, a nurse from the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, had planned to get a marriage license with her husband on February 14. Unexpectedly, the epidemic hit suddenly. A “imperial edict” from the hospital made Chen Ying give up her plan and go to the “battlefield”. But in the “battlefield” of the wife, the former husband was reluctant to give up, but he had to bear the pain to send his wife to the battlefield. Finally, the two separated and kissed in front of a thick glass
Now, with the efforts of a large number of medical staff and all parties, the domestic epidemic has finally improved. Chen Ying can also take off her protective clothing and go home. The most important thing to do at home is to get married with her family and her husband. Full of happiness, anyway, Xiaobian is very envious.
In tonight’s live broadcast of a tribute to angels in white cloud concert, Chen Ying and his wife showed up together, looked at the smiles on their faces, and thought of the hardships of the front-line anti epidemic work. This happiness must be felt by all of us. Maybe for the two of them: the best thing in the world is to say “I love you” to the one you love after experiencing the storm. If you have to add a deadline, I hope it will be the rest of my life.
It happens that tomorrow is the international nurse’s day. Let’s pay tribute to all the medical workers. Thank you for your free work and write the greatness in the ordinary with great love and righteousness!