85 year old Japanese queen fever

5月 15, 2020 佛山站鸡

Japan’s top Empress Michiko has been suffering from mild fever in recent days. She has not been sent to the hospital because of her mild illness. She is currently being treated by a royal doctor at the temporary imperial palace in sendong, the Palace said Thursday. Doctors said she was not infected with the new coronavirus.
According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, Empress Michiko has been suffering from mild fever since she moved to Xiandong temporary imperial residence with Emperor Akihito at the end of March. “I’ve been very busy before I moved, I don’t know if I’m tired,” people close to him said The queen did not have symptoms such as cough and abnormal taste. At present, Shanghuang and his wife are no longer going out and are resting at home.
Japan’s shangqueens (Japan TV)
Emperor Akihito is 86, and Empress Michiko is 85. In March this year, the Mingren couple moved out of their 26 year old imperial residence. Before moving, they donated some of the roughly 4000 gifts given by foreign dignitaries when they abdicated last year (2019) to the museum. After moving, novel coronavirus pneumonia was planned to go out of the way regularly or do some research work. But because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, two people strictly controlled the outgoing and the two guests. Workers from the outside to work in Shanghuang’s residence must wear masks and take strict care not to bring in the virus.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in Japan. The couple expressed their great grief and constantly reminded their staff to pay attention to epidemic prevention.