Obama criticizes trump again

5月 18, 2020 佛山站鸡

Former U.S. President Barack Obama criticized trump in a live webcast speech at the graduation ceremony of high school graduates on Saturday.
Obama criticized “so-called adults, including those with fancy titles and high positions,” saying they do “things that feel good, convenient, and easy.”.
He said, “that’s what kids think, so they screw things up.”
Although the 44th president of the United States did not mention Trump’s name, there is no doubt who he refers to.
Earlier Saturday, Mr. Obama also delivered another graduation address online, in which he said the outbreak showed that many officials “didn’t even pretend to be responsible.”.
Obama spoke at “HBCU edition shows your pace,” a two-hour event for students graduating from traditional black colleges and universities.
Given the audience, Obama’s speech was surprisingly political and touched on current events beyond the virus and its social and economic impact.
Most importantly, Obama said, the pandemic has finally uncovered the illusion that so many people in charge know what they are doing.
In a call with 3000 members of his government earlier this month, he strongly criticized Trump’s handling of the outbreak as a “disaster of absolute chaos.”.
The commencement address is the latest sign of Obama’s intention to play an increasingly active role in the upcoming election.
Since leaving office, he has kept a low profile, although trump has been denigrating him. Obama told supporters by phone that he would spend as much time as possible running for Biden, who was his vice president.