The divorce rate in Shenzhen is skyrocketing

5月 20, 2020 佛山站鸡

Shenzhen to apply for divorce to make an appointment to queue up for a month? Recently, the news about the sharp increase of divorce in April in Shenzhen has attracted great attention of the public. Is the divorce volume so high in Shenzhen? Why do you want to divorce? What about people who can’t get married? In response, the reporter interviewed Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and learned that in April this year, 4186 couples got married and 3524 divorced in our city, compared with 3729 and 3494 in April 2019, with no significant increase in the number. In order to fully meet the needs of civil marriage registration in the near future, the marriage registration authorities in all districts of the city will increase the number of divorce registration appointment numbers from now on, and resume the on-site appointment suspended due to the epidemic.
Nearly half of the citizens have broken their engagement in marriage registration
Recently, some people reported that they had to make an appointment for divorce in Shenzhen for one month. Is it because the number of cases is limited, or because of retaliatory divorce after the outbreak, or because of speculative divorce in some policies? The reporter made an investigation and interview.
The air in Xiangmi Park was fresh after heavy rain at Futian District’s marriage registration office on the morning of the 18th. Two couples took photographers to take photos in the park. At the gate of the registration hall, there are no teams during the epidemic. All the citizens who come to deal with the affairs can enter the hall for waiting after the code scanning inspection.
“For the sake of security, during the epidemic period, all the marriage registries in our districts implemented the network appointment registration system and cancelled the on-site appointment. Since April, as the epidemic has slowed down, we have started to expand the number of divorce registration appointment numbers in an orderly manner. In May, the number of appointment numbers of last year has been restored. ” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau introduced to the reporter that in order to effectively cope with the recent peak phase divorce registration tide, the marriage registration authorities in various districts of our city adjusted and increased the number of marriage registration appointments according to the appointment situation, especially adjusted the number of divorce registration appointments.
However, the reporter combed the data and found that many citizens gave up the registration after making an appointment, which resulted in a waste of public resources. According to statistics, in February 2020, there were 4424 marriage registration appointments, 1498 divorce registration appointments, 1531 actual marriages, 584 divorces; in March, there were 6044 marriage registration appointments, 1828 divorce registration appointments, 3835 actual marriages, 1913 divorces; in April, there were 7962 marriage registration appointments, 3126 divorce registration appointments, 4186 actual marriages 3524 couples divorced.
Civil Affairs Department calls for avoiding registration
“In order to fully meet the needs of the citizens for marriage registration in the near future, from now on, the marriage registration authorities in all districts of our city will continue to expand the number of divorce registration appointment numbers. If the appointment system is full, citizens can also go to the marriage registration authority in the place where the household registration is located to make an appointment for marriage registration on the spot.” The person in charge said.
In response to the phenomenon of “breaking the appointment” of the people who have already made an appointment, the person in charge said that he was also helpless. “If the citizens don’t want to register for marriage, we still call for the cancellation of the appointment in time to avoid occupying the appointment resources and causing the phenomenon that other citizens have no number to make an appointment.”
In addition, the Civil Affairs Department reminded the citizens to fill in their own name, marriage registration items, household registration address and other identity information truthfully when they log in to the Guangdong Provincial marriage registration appointment system, especially when they handle cross regional affairs, they should fill in their own household registration address information truthfully, do not fill in false and wrong information, and will not handle marriage registration according to the cross regional provisions.
“We still call on the citizens who handle the marriage registration to avoid mass registration, abide by the epidemic prevention and control measures and appointment system of the marriage registration authority, give priority to the appointment registration, and jointly maintain the order and safety of the marriage registration authority.” The person in charge said.
Compared with the same period last year, the number of divorces in Shenzhen has not seen a significant increase since this year. According to statistics, from January to April last year, 21272 couples were actually registered for marriage and 10622 were divorced in Shenzhen. From January to April this year, 14812 couples were actually registered for marriage and 8685 for divorce in Shenzhen.
Experts warn that “fake divorce” is not advisable
What is the truth behind divorce? According to Liu Weimin, President of Guangdong marriage and family counselor association and a well-known marriage expert, the total number of divorces in Shenzhen will not increase much this year. Recently, the phenomenon of “No.1 divorce is hard to find” is only a short time, and there are deep-seated reasons behind it.
“Before and after the Spring Festival, there is often a peak period of divorce. This year, due to the epidemic, there is a certain amount of stock of divorce demand. At present, it is a process of digesting the stock. This is one of them. Secondly, affected by the epidemic situation, long-term home isolation leads to a high degree of overlap in family living space, and parents, children and husband and wife get along together for a long time. The interweaving of various relationships will inevitably lead to more contradictions and conflicts, and eventually lead to the deterioration of husband and wife relationship and divorce. Third, the recent application for a degree coincides with the fact that some couples, driven by interests, exploit legal loopholes and use divorce to buy a house or apply for a degree, which is also an objective reason that cannot be ignored. ” Liu Weimin analysis.
For the speculative phenomenon of “false divorce” in which husband and wife choose to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce in order to achieve a certain purpose and still live together after the divorce, Liu Weimin reminds that “false divorce” is finally made up of a fake one, which becomes a common example of “true divorce”, which is definitely not desirable. “Divorce needs to be careful. Both husband and wife should respect marriage and cherish family. “