Liang Chaowei’s property was auctioned

5月 21, 2020 佛山站鸡

On May 19, according to Hong Kong media, the property under liang Chaowei’s name was applied for compulsory auction, with a valuation of HK $8.39 million (about 7.7 million yuan) and a loss of nearly 6 million. However, Carina Lau suspected to rescue her husband and sell off her half mountain mansion, with a price of more than 40 million, which triggered heated discussion.
According to Hong Kong media, the epidemic has eased a little in recent days, and Hong Kong’s real estate operation has gradually resumed. Relevant departments have disclosed that they have received a number of applications for compulsory auction of properties in Kowloon District, including one property that has not been acquired, which has been verified. The director of the company is Leung Chiu Wai Tony, the name of Liang Chaowei, the God of men.
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It is reported that the unit was bought at a high price of 15 million Hong Kong dollars (about 13.8 million yuan) seven years ago, but now it is forced to auction. The estimated price is only 8.39 million Hong Kong dollars (about 7.7 million yuan). Instead of rising, it lost nearly half of the price at the time of purchase, about 6.1 million yuan, with heavy losses.
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Liang Chaowei is preparing for the new film by strengthening his physique and doing sports, such as cycling and running. He has not responded to the forced auction of the property. His agent was contacted by the media and only said “no response”.
Many entertainers in the entertainment circle like to invest in real estate. In recent years, they have made a lot of money from the real estate, and the majority of the losses, like Liang Chaowei, are really small. Hong Kong media also said that Carina Lau recently sold off a property in hand, suspected to be her husband Liang Chaowei to fill the loss, the old husband and wife love than Jin Jian ah!
According to Hong Kong media, Chen Zicong, gambling king’s son-in-law, bought a half mountain mansion at the end of last month for 44 million Hong Kong dollars (about 40.34 million yuan). The seller of the property is the goddess Carina Lau.
There was a media interview with Carina Lau on the matter, she said: “this property is mine, because the epidemic makes me have different ideas, many things want to be simple, rent collection and rent release are complex, now someone offers to sell it, this is fate.” The goddess didn’t mention the forced auction of the property under her husband Liang Chaowei’s name. The couple kept quiet about the good confession.