More than 1.57 million cases diagnosed in the United States

5月 22, 2020 佛山站鸡

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 5075181 cases and 330981 deaths were recorded in Beijing at about 6 hours in May 22nd, according to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread worldwide novel coronavirus pneumonia. The US experts estimate that if the United States can implement social distance measures in advance of March, the number of new crown pneumonia deaths will be reduced by about 36 thousand. The Prime Minister of Italy said that the peak of the epidemic has passed, and that the restart of the economy is a more difficult task. The Spanish parliament has approved the extension of the state emergency again; India is hard to push under the epidemic. Russia’s prime minister said the country’s epidemic has become increasingly stable.
Experts diagnosed 1573534 cases in the United States: if the United States takes measures ahead of time, 36000 lives can be saved
According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:00 on May 22, Beijing time, 1573534 cases have been confirmed and 94566 cases have died in the United States. Compared with the previous day’s 6:30 data, 24888 new confirmed cases and 1403 new deaths were found in the United States.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths will be reduced by about 36 thousand people if the United States starts implementing social distance measures one week in advance, according to experts from the Columbia University epidemiological model in March. According to the study, 83% of deaths in the United States can be avoided if the United States starts to block cities, restrict social activities and implement home quarantine orders two weeks in advance from March 1. The model also shows novel coronavirus pneumonia is easy to get out of control with the re opening of States, unless officials closely monitor infection and control the new outbreak immediately. The delay will only come at a greater cost.
228006 confirmed cases in Italy
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 642 new cases in Italy at 18 hours local time May 21st. 228006 cases were confirmed, 156 new deaths and 32486 deaths.
Italy has survived the worst phase of the new crown epidemic, but it will be a more difficult task to restart its economy than to fight the epidemic, Prime Minister konte said Tuesday. The government’s measures are aimed at “restarting the country’s production engine,” Mr. Conte said. Since May 18, Italy has lifted most of the restrictions imposed in early March to contain the new crown.
A total of 233037 confirmed cases in Spain approved by parliament to renew the state of emergency
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Spain, which was 233037 cases, compared with the previous day, according to the latest report from Spain’s national newspaper. The total number of new cases of 48 cases of death increased to 27940 in 344 cases.
In order to continue to prevent and control the new crown epidemic, the Spanish parliament approved another extension of the state of emergency on the evening of the 20th. That means Spain’s national emergency will last at least until June 7. Western government issued a decree that day, asking people to wear masks in public.
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Sanchez has reportedly asked parliament to extend the country’s emergency until the end of June to contain the spread of the virus.
2392 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Iran province are not optimistic.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Iran, according to reports from the Ministry of health in Iran, according to the media in May 21st. In addition, 2392 new cases of newly diagnosed crown pneumonia were added, and over two thousand cases were added for 4 days, 129341 cases were accumulated, 66 cases were newly killed, and 7249 cases died.
A spokesman for the Ministry of health of Iran said that in addition to the fact that the province is still in a high-risk situation, the situation in the neighboring province of lorestan is not optimistic. In view of the complicated epidemic prevention situation, the Ministry of culture and tourism of lorestan province banned any travel group and tourist attractions were not allowed to receive any tourist group until further notice, the Ministry of culture and tourism of lorestan province said in an emergency statement Tuesday.
Germany has confirmed 178748 cases of Berlin’s largest airport planned to be temporarily closed
According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:00 on May 22, Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases in Germany was 178748, an increase of 2741 over yesterday. 113 new deaths occurred, 8203 in total.
Berlin – Brandenburg airport company announced on June 20 that teger airport, the largest airport currently in operation in Berlin, will be temporarily closed for a period of two months from June 15 due to the sudden drop of passenger flow caused by the new crown epidemic. According to the Berlin Brandenburg broadcasting company, at present, the sum of daily passenger flow of two major airports in Berlin is only about 2000 people. The Tagore airport, which has stopped the main terminal and used only the smaller terminal C since mid March, still costs 7.5 million euros a month.
A total of 144163 cases were confirmed in France. French businessmen suggested selling Mona Lisa to deal with the epidemic
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in France in May 21st, 318 cases were confirmed, and 144163 cases were confirmed, 83 new deaths and 28215 deaths were reported.
A French businessman suggested that the country should sell the famous painting “Mona Lisa” for 50 billion euros (388.390 billion yuan), in order to cope with the economic impact of the new coronavirus epidemic.
A record 250908 cases of unemployment have been confirmed in the UK
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on 2615 new cases in Britain, 250908 cases were confirmed in total, 338 new cases died and 36042 died in total, according to data updated by the Ministry of health on 21 th.
The number of people claiming unemployment benefits reached nearly 2.1 million in April, an increase of 856000 from last month, according to figures released by the National Bureau of statistics on April 19. Experts pointed out that the data basically reflected the situation in the UK