Xiao Zhan recording new variety

5月 25, 2020 佛山站鸡

After being interviewed by many mainstream media, Xiao Zhan’s “comeback” can be said to be in full swing. Recently, he also participated in the recording of the new variety show “youth Tour 2” of Zhejiang satellite TV, and many netizens published a lot of Reuters photos through microblog. Although the photos are too far away to see clearly, they are enough for fans who like Xiao Zhan to recognize him.
Zhejiang satellite TV has been famous for many star guests and many stars. Youth Tour 2 is no exception. Although it is the second season, the star guest lineup is more eye-catching than the first season. In addition to the above Xiao war, the host of “trump to trump” Jia Ling also appeared in the star lineup, it can be said that the lineup is also very strong.
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After all, since Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo became popular in the petition, Xiao Zhan has participated in few variety shows, and Xiao Zhan’s ao3 experience is regarded as a negative story by his fans.
In the latest net friend Lu transillumination, Xiao Zhan appears at the airport, wearing a white T-shirt, reflecting his sunny boy’s cool temperament. In the program recording, he looks far away in dark green, flocculent clothes, walking with the wind, very elegant! However, it is particularly noteworthy that Xiao Zhan is protected by a group of “bodyguards”. They held up several umbrellas to protect Xiao Zhan.
There are good netizens lament that Xiao Zhan is indeed the top traffic. From the perspective of strict protection, they all have different treatment from other stars. It seems that for many fans who support Xiao Zhan, low-key shooting and low-key participation are the best way to save their reputation.