I’m not qualified to comment

5月 27, 2020 佛山站鸡

On May 26, he Jiong posted an apology for Ouyang Nana’s acting on the social platform. He Jiong said that he felt his expression was not appropriate after seeing the clips of the online program. The vague expression may hurt you by mistake. And when it comes to their future, they will be cautious.
He Jiong apologized because in the program with Ouyang Nana, he Jiong mentioned that Ouyang Nana was not good at black acting. He said that maybe because of some clips or program settings, Nabi would bear the label of not acting for a period of time. He Jiong also caused controversy after speaking for Nabi, so he sent a special apology.
In fact, he Jiong has always been a high EQ person, who is also very clear about many things. He often shows a high EQ in the program. In a program, he Jiong talked about that after some things happen, many people may have an attitude if they don’t know the truth, but he thought it was necessary to have a basic judgment or to see what the parties said.
There are many golden sentences of this kind of high EQ expression. He Jiong often uses very popular words to enlighten those who have problems and ask for help in the program “friends listen well”. Once, he Jiong said very seriously that he thought that the thinking that the things he didn’t like were not allowed to exist was robber logic. It’s supported by a lot of people.
In the recording of “yearning for the afterlife”, he Jiong and Huang Lei will get along more easily. Maybe they can put themselves down temporarily and get along easily in front of very familiar and close people. And some of the two people’s programs are also called large-scale teaching scene of human feelings by netizens.
Such a high EQ, strong adaptability, willing to voice for others and take the initiative to take responsibility of he teacher, who doesn’t like it?