Custom face mask for photo studio

5月 29, 2020 佛山站鸡

During the outbreak of the new crown, many people wore masks that were difficult to recognize. A photo studio in India has launched a face photo mask to print customers’ photos on the mask, which is not only easy to identify, but also very personalized.
According to the Hindustan Times, a photo studio in Bole wallam, Chennai, has launched the mask, printing photos of customers’ nose to chin on the mask, making it easy for customers to be recognized even if they wear the mask.
Talking about the idea, anto, the owner of the photo studio, said it was difficult to recognize each other because of the mask, so he thought of making a face mask. In addition, the business of the photo studio was poor during the epidemic. This idea can bring a lot of business to the photo studio.
Anto said customers can customize masks online, send photos of their heads to photo studios by email, so that staff can make three cotton washable masks for a total price of 500 rupees (47.2 yuan). Customers can also go directly to the photo studio to take photos and use the photos to make masks, which can be obtained in an hour.
Today, photo studios receive orders from doctors and nurses.