Two nurses help Hubei get acquainted and get married

5月 31, 2020 佛山站鸡

Before the expedition to Hubei
Zhenjiang nurse Zhang Hongtao and Xie Nianye
No way
They will be on the battlefield
Meet each other for life
Zhang Hongtao is a general psychiatric nurse of Zhenjiang mental health center, and Xie Nianye is a respiratory nurse of Zhenjiang integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital. They were two people who had never known each other before, because they came together with Hubei anti epidemic.
In 38 days in Wuhan, they have gone from acquaintance, acquaintance to love. On May 12, nurse’s day, they received their cards from the Civil Affairs Bureau.
On May 28, the two married in their hometown of Huai’an and Zhenjiang, the second hometown.
In the morning, Zhang Hongtao changed into a suit early. Accompanied by his brothers, he successfully expressed his love to the bride Xie Nianye after many “dangers”.
“Thank you for every day you spent with me in Wuhan. Take care of me in Wuhan. Now I am back safely. I will take care of you later. Please marry me.”
Love in the epidemic period is the most silent confession and the longest waiting for them. Zhang Hongtao said that although some people said that they knew each other for a short time, it was flash marriage, but they never thought like this, “my wife and I both think that one day of war epidemic is equivalent to one year, and they are facing life and death every day, so I feel that we are not flash marriage.”
At the wedding, Zhang Hongtao and Xie Nianye, the same group of medical team members who helped Hubei Province, also sent their blessings.
The blessing from his comrades in arms made Zhang Hongtao very happy. He confessed that he once confessed to Xie Nianye during his assistance to Hubei Province in February this year, but the situation of epidemic prevention and control was severe at that time. Xie Nianye said that he would talk about personal feelings after overcoming the epidemic.
From the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan to now, Xie Nianye has stepped into the palace of marriage hand in hand. This scene, Zhang Hongtao thought many times in his dream, “and thought thousands of times in his dream, and you finally became my bride.”
Bless them!